Measure the doorway you can own, it is only necessary to perform the work so as to exclude the possibility of errors and inaccuracies. Remember, a wrong data can lead to the fact that the new door will be too small or too big. From the correctness of the measurements will depend on the result of the work done and the success of the installation of the door.

Where to start

The first thing to do is to arm ourselves with tools. Expertise and sophisticated equipment is not required. Only need to get a piece of paper, pen and tape measure. Only needed three repeats:
- height;
- the thickness of the aperture;

If not dismantled old door, it is best to remove the trim and measure the door frame.

Initially, carry out the width measurement. Better and easier to do it horizontally at floor level. Height is measured on the side of the slope. Try to measure so that the tape measure flat against the surface tightly.

The doorway has a clear outline, its dimensions in width, height and thickness must be extremely precise. There should be no elements that are inside of the doorway. If "schools" there - they want to delete.

Pay special attention to the floor and the top of the door opening was parallel. To carry out a correct measurement, in addition to roulette, help and level – use it to check the vertical deviation. In this case a small deviation of plus or minus five millimeters.

The nuances of measurements

In the measurement of the doorway you should consider a number of small nuances. Most experts suggest to perform the measurements only after a complete finish of the floor. The verticality of the side wall of the opening can be determined and by means of a plumb, then the door leaf will cling to the surface of the floor when opened.

The important point is, in the thickness measurement. Its measurement is performed using a caliper or ruler. The thickness at different points may differ, but choose a larger value.

Given these features, it is possible to obtain accurate data on the measurement of the opening that will guarantee high-quality installation of interior doors or entrance doors.