If packaging soft toys you have little time – can use wrapping paper. Put the toy in the middle of the sheet, bring the edges of the paper, gather them nicely and tie a ribbon or bow. Or, if you have the opportunity, you can instead of paper to use beautiful cloth (cut shape must be square), which is according to your taste you can decorate with lace, ribbons, beads or beads.
Also the size of the toy can make various options boxes. For example, you can make the box semi-open type with kletocny the window. For its production measure the height, width and depth of the toy. Then, based on these data, prepare a cardboard box.
On the reverse side of the lid, draw the outline of future window, the form of which depends solely on the shape of a soft toy and your wishes. For example, it can be an oval or a rectangle, but you can give the window and other forms – make it in the shape of a heart, star or outline (it doesn't have to be the outline of the toy and, for example, can make the path little angel or cars). After that draw the shape you want to cut with a knife for paper. And at the end seal the inner side of a cover window of thick oilcloth.
Then you can start decorating the box. So, for example, it can be decorated with stickers or appliqués, or you can tie a wide ribbon and tie it to the bow. Very elegant also the gift can be if tie box gift ribbon and bow is to pin a flower or small floral arrangement.
If you do not want the package was open -- can do for soft toys closed. For example, it could be a box made of separate parts, cut out of cardboard. Fabricate a bottom, two sidewalls along its width, one for length and one for its length + the size of the required cover. Each of these parts glue wrapping paper and then glue them together. As for ties can glue on cut tape between box bottom and its front side and on the reverse side of the cover.