It should be noted that craquelure is different in its properties, namely: size, the width of the cracks through which you can obtain completely different end result. Many girls love to use nail Polish with craquelure effect, imitating snake skin or nail after which drying, nail plate takes the form of ancient porcelain. Manicure with the similar effect can be performed not only in the cabin. If all of the necessary materials and time, you can become the owner of fashion nails and in the home.
For manicure you need: based, better transparent, but applies matte, colored lacquer of the desired color, lacquer with craquelure effect, and about 20 minutes of free time. Apply on the nail transparent base coat that will smooth all possible irregularities of the nail plate and give work accuracy. After Foundation, apply a colored lacquer, it can be any color at will, but remember that it will be the backdrop when applying the craquelure. If the paint is slightly transparent, it is recommended to re-apply multiple layers and wait to dry. When the colored paint is dry, move on to applying the craquelure. It is worth noting the basic requirements to work with as lacquer: the first is that craquelure dries quickly, can cause the varnish layer again in layers, it will spoil the effect of the cracks. The more you apply the craquelure, the wider are the cracks, when gently applied to the cracks will be barely noticeable, more like lace. When the work dries out, throw it transparent lacquer-base.
The technique of this manicure is quite simple, but the result looks magical. Optionally it is possible to perform a manicure in a different color, combining different shades of nail Polish. In the coming season this kind of manicure is the favorite of most fashionistas.