Which domain is better

Before the web masters and owners of resources often raises the question of the choice of domain name. The name largely determines the future health of the resource, so it should be simple and memorable. But just to choose a domain is not enough. It should be registered. And here arises another question: what domain zone to choose for domain registration your online.

It is important to know that domains are letters in the name of the domain to the right of the first point. For example, .ru, .of the Russian Federation .com. This means that over a certain territory secured its own domain zone. .EN means that the resource was in this zone may operate on the territory of the Russian Federation .su – on the territory of the republics previously part of the Soviet Union.

Domain zone .su actively developed in 80-ies of the last century, then the collapse of the Soviet Union each Republic has established his domain zone. Accordingly, the domain zone .EN .su differ, first and foremost, territory, and the second domain it is much wider. Area .su is older compared to .EN.

Domains are in areas .EN .su also differ the price. If the acquisition of the domain .EN will cost an average of 99-100 RUB then .su – 320 RUB. Many experts believe that .su is better because the quality justifies the price. Others argue that the quality is the same, because it is not necessary to overpay, if you are satisfied with the functioning of the website in the vastness of Russia.

.EN or .SU

When you register a domain you will encounter that in the domain zone .EN desired name is already taken, whereas in .su will be free. According to statistics, in the zone .EN much less free domain names. In fairness it should be noted that the domains in the zone .su is indexed by Yandex and Google is not worse than in zoney. Because the past is undeservedly forgotten. If the site is still oriented to Russian speaking audience .su is perfect. What there are no differences in the themes of the sites recorded in a particular area. Approval experienced web masters, worthy of a quality project could be taken forward in any area, and it will work and bring income to the owner.

Simply .EN more familiar to Internet users, although .su higher the probability to find beautiful and memorable name to your site. Perhaps the only disadvantage is the high cost of registration and renewal of life domain. But .less su various satellite sites created by black SEOs to promote the main website.

So .su is the old cctld, but the most promising and nezamylenny, so do not be afraid to buy it names for their websites.