Rum – an alcoholic beverage native to which is considered the Caribbean Islands. It was discovered that the sweet syrup is able to digested in alcohol. Rum was a popular drink pirates in the holds of their ships always had a stock of rum, which they drank instead of water, because the latter is very quickly become rotten. Today, this drink is freely available in stores all over the world, but in order to enjoy its true taste and aroma, must be able to distinguish this rum from a fake.

What is important to know

Is agricultural rum and industrial. Agriculture should be labeled Rhum Agricole. This drink is made the traditional way from pure cane. If you don't see or there is any other indicates of industrial rum produced from the waste product of sugar production. Of course, the quality of the latter will be much worse. The second thing you should pay attention – the country of origin. Not the fact that Cuban, Jamaican or manufactured in the Dominican Republic, rum is the best. Today, rum is produced all over the world and each manufacturer has its own specific technology.

One of the best is Bacardi rum, it is very often counterfeited, so you need to carefully study decal and see that the name was spelled correctly. Very much appreciated English rum Captain Morgan Havana Club and the Cuban. Of course, it would be foolish to hope that a good quality drink will be sold in the shop around the corner, so for a good rum needs to go to a specialty store who value their reputation and sell rum from 750 rubles per bottle.


Rum may have a different color – from white to a rich amber color. It depends on the duration of exposure of the drink. So, white rum aged in barrels and is bottled immediately after preparation. Of this beverage delicate aroma with herbal notes and a hint of the taste of honey and nuts. He leaves behind a soft and smooth finish and can perfectly complement meat meal. Golden rum has a three-year exposure. It is sweet, fresh, with hints of tropical fruit and vanilla. This rum used by bartenders to prepare popular cocktails.

Five-year rum, slightly knits mouth, color it a rich and refined taste, with hints of citrus, dried guava, marzipan and coconut. The seven-year rum dark amber, coffee color. In taste to guess the fruit juice and spicy tobacco leaf, caramel, cinnamon and nutmeg. To appreciate 12-year-old rum can only true fans. This drink during his stay in barrels acquires new flavor components that can modify and convert the final product in the best way.