If possible, buy live beer

The best beer without a doubt is sold in the glass. It is not pasteurized, contains no preservatives, so that bacteria continue their activities, which gives the drink a bright barley taste, characteristic color and malty flavor. Live, unpasteurized beer may be more useful if it is unfiltered or slightly bleached. The problem is that this beer is stored for no longer than ten days. All products, which can be found in jars and bottles on the shelves differs from such a "live" beer in the presence of preservatives and chemical additives.

When you purchase "inanimate", canned beer, you need to pay attention to labels. This will avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointments. First of all understand the kind of beer you want to buy — a dark, semi-dark or light. The taste of these three types of beer varies considerably. If you want to drink a light refreshing drink, choose light beer, it is created from the regular malt, has a classic aroma and is the most common. Dark or red beer is sweet, rich flavors due to the fact that it adds a caramel. This drink is not for everybody, to drink him under shrimp or chips is not worth it. Dark beer gets its characteristic color due to the addition of roasted malt that changes the color of the drink and its taste. Dark beer has notes of toasted bread crust and a very long finish.

All about preservatives

It is very important to pay attention to how he was canned drink. For example, in Germany still abide by the purity law of 1516, according to which in brewing it is forbidden to use impurities. Therefore, all German beer is pasteurized, it is heated to sixty degrees, and then very rapidly cooled. It kills bacteria, allowing the drink a very long time to deteriorate.

Unfortunately, in our and many other countries no such law, so the beer is often in addition to pasteurization, provide preservatives. So it is important to read the drink. If you saw it as something other than hops, malt, water and yeast (for example, sodium benzoate, ascorbic acid, a variety of E-additives), such product to wait for something good is not worth it. Better pay attention to another beer (preferably from Germany), so as not to expose your body to harmful substances in addition to alcohol. Outsiders, preserving the impurities may talk excessively long storage life of beer. It should be wary if they exceed six months.

Don't buy beer in plastic bottles, plastic is a porous material which easily transmits oxygen, which is not conducive to the preservation flavoring qualities of the drink. A plastic bottle suitable to bring beer home, but for long storage it is not necessary.

To determine the quality of already purchased drink, you can just see the foam of beer. Once it's poured into a glass, froth should stand for a few minutes before starting to fall. Liquid foam with large bubbles that quickly drops off, says that you made the wrong choice.