Advice 1: What is the best beer

Beer is drunk in many countries around the world for many millennia. This is a fairly ancient beverage, which was known in Ancient Egypt as well as Babylon, China. Beer drinking people of different ages and nationalities. And sometimes it's hard to understand what beer is better, as it is often difficult to choose the right option.
What is the best beer

Dark or light beer?

As a rule, taste is a quite subjective concept. Varieties of light beer beverage very similar to each other, but the dark kin has a specific taste. This beer is bitter, with very different the technology of production. In addition, it's stronger than light. At the same time, trying different varieties, you can determine what kind of beer you taste.

Draught or bottled beer?

So, these two types differ primarily in delivery technologies to consumers. In the bottle or jar, the beer is stored for a long time due to different preservatives that alter the fermentation process, and bottling the product is bottled in the pins with the barrel. Accordingly, because of this, the shelf life decreases. It is worth saying that bottled or canned beer is much more harmful to the human body. But, anyway, beer lovers always say it is the taste of draft beer beverage. In addition, a narrow neck will not give the entire experience the beauty of the drink throughout its range. Another jar (bottle) are harmful bacteria that are in the process of eating stored in the body. And if you think about it, what kind of beer is best – bottled or draught, you should choose the last option. As it is always fresh and has a more lively taste than canned beer in the Bank.

Unfiltered or filtered beer?

This drink varies according to the amount of nutrients and the production method. For the manufacture of filtered beer manufacturer due to the filtering and pasteurization to stop the fermentation processes. Thus, unfiltered beer contains a lot of nutrients while at the same time, it is stored shorter period of time. It is important to remember that in cans (bottles) doesn't contain unfiltered beer. Usually a "live" drink you can order at the bar. It is also worth to look at the expiration date. After all, the real non-filtered beer is stored for several days.

What beer is the best: manufacturer

The quality of the beer drink is affected by the following: the manufacturer, country of supply and shelf life. Usually good beer in Germany and the Czech Republic, the historic homeland of the drink. Please note that imported beer is more expensive. Different varieties have different flavor characteristics. So, for example, Russian varieties of the drink have a distinctive smell and have an aftertaste of alcohol, and Chinese beer is soft and somewhat reminiscent of lemonade. In addition, a huge range allows you to buy beer is strong and weak, and also with different flavors. So now you have an idea of what beer to choose. With such a large selection of the drink people will be able to find something to your liking. It is worth Recalling that beer is harmful to human health, so they cannot be abused.

Advice 2 : What kind of beer called a living

The term "living beer" is the unfiltered and, therefore, unpasteurized beer. But such a thing as "live beer", and the technological requirements for its production define themselves brewers.
What kind of beer called a living
Live beer is called beer, which includes living culture of brewer's yeast. Technologically difficult in an industrial scale to manufacture a live beer, so most sold beer in bottles and cans no relation to this beer has.

Mass production beer is subject to legislation. In the manufacturing process it is filtered, clarified, added preservatives and chemicals. These processes destroy all life that was in the drink. Taste properties of this beverage flavorings. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about its effects on the body.

Since ancient times was known the beneficial properties of beer. It was used to treat many diseases, and the monks brewed beer in the temples. Beer that is sold in stores, contains these beneficial properties.

How to distinguish a live beer?

As in "live" beer has no preservatives, it cannot be stored for a long time. Usually the shelf life of this beer not more than a few days, and then brewer's yeast, which are stored in this drink and have all the useful properties, die. To increase the shelf life of beer, it should be stored at temperatures above 2 degrees. This will prolong the life of brewer's yeast to two weeks.

Another important difference from the fresh beer, which is produced in large quantities, is its fermentation process, it continues at the packaging, which sells. That's why the taste just open live beer, much richer pasteurized.

The cost of living beer

The price of live beer is significantly different from what is produced EN masse. This is due to its non-industrial volume production and manual labor, without which it is impossible to do in the process of its creation. This beer continues to be considered an elite beverage and his fans are willing to pay the price for its quality and exclusivity.

The value of live beer depend on the ingredients used in the cooking process. Hops, sprouted grain barley and brewer's yeast is what gives the drink the qualities for which it is called "alive".

Features of live beer

In order to distinguish fresh beer from overexposed more than the period, you need to listen to his finish. If the beer had slight "metallic" taste is a sure sign that it is no longer good for consumption.
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