Unlike the inverterand the transformer

A few years ago, even a homemade model of the transformer welding machine caused its owner a legitimate pride. But now the special interest of the cause welders welding inverters. On specialized forums on the Internet unfold the heated debates on the advantages and disadvantages of both types of devices. To make the right choice, you need to understand the particularities of the transformer and of the inverter.

What professionals are not satisfied with the transformer? First of all, it has a lack of arc stability and low stability of operation. The last parameter depends essentially on the voltage fluctuations in the network. In this regard, the inverter has undeniable advantages. It guarantees the presence of constant current, independent of voltage fluctuations. When the inverter is observed low spatter and stable arc.

From a conventional transformer inverter differs in that it works on the principle of welding rectifier. If the frequency of the voltage is high, the overall dimensions and weight of the device to provide the same energy will be minimal. For this purpose the circuit of the inverter includes a rectifier and controls. Experts say that the operation inverter is much nicer than going to the transformer.

The advantages of inverter

What determines this respect to the inverter? An inverter is easier to work with because it allows you to smoothly adjust the welding current. Some models have additional capabilities to manage this work setting. For example, to start welding without any delay and assistive touch products electrode, use the function "hot start" that increases the current in the initial phase of welding.

For those who have to use welding not from case to case, and regularly it is very important that the inverter, unlike the transformer, consumes much less electrical energy. For this reason, its hassle can be connected to a household network or to a standalone power source, for example a diesel installation.

The choice of the welding unit, no doubt influenced by physical parameters. The big advantage of inverter be its small size and low weight. To achieve this objective, increasing the frequency of the voltage. Some models of inverter it is possible to carry on the shoulder, because it weighs a "baby" no more than three to four kilograms, allowing at the same time, to work with standard electrodes. Be operated with a transformer even physically trained welder is much more complicated.