There is a view that to say what is not, is not, can be confusing. Yes, it is important not only to lie, but remember what I said. But every moral issues for himself. But to lie convincingly, you will have to spend a few hours in front of a mirror to figure out how to do it correctly.

Liar give gestures

When a person is lying, he does it not only with words, but movements, and facial expressions. And calculate it is not difficult. But when you consider all the nuances, quite truthfully. First, look the interlocutor in the eye. It does not need to look away. To make it easier, look at the nose. It is not recommended to raise their eyes above or below the eye line, as it is very suspicious. Practice in front of the mirror to lie, mind you, how I want to look, learn to control it.

Do not smile when telling the truth. A real smile involves the eyes, forehead and lips. False just the mouth. It is possible to see and feel. It is better to do with a calm expression. And another update — do you not blush when telling the truth. If such a feature is, it will always betray you at the most inopportune moment.

Don't make too many movements. Often, the hands start to pull at, fix. This gives the nervousness, and hence uncertainty. The palm should be opened and sent to the other party. This can be done simply with a gesture, as if showing that you are unarmed. The subconscious mind is valid.

Also do not cross your legs or hands. If sitting, lean slightly forward, closer to the source. When people lie, they do the opposite gestures.

How to lie convincingly

A pure lie is very difficult. Combine real events and the truth. This combination almost always goes well. You can Supplement it with some fittings, to increase the veracity, but not go into detail, suffice it to mention one thing.

Speak naturally and very confidently. In fact, it is important to believe yourself, is what distinguishes a true liar. He says and never doubt. Lying indistinctly and quietly, trying to change the subject. And you insist on your say so understood is true.

Once lied to, continue to behave as before. Sometimes people learn to lie, make it convincing, but then is lost. Of wine or the pangs of conscience suddenly fetter, and everything becomes different. This too can discover the true circumstances, so carry your head high until the end of the communication. If there are experiences, they should remain a secret to others.