You will need
  • - a utility Dr.Web Cure IT.
Open control panel and go to add remove programs. Find the list of installed Radmin and click on uninstall, followed by a program that offers options to delete. It is best not to leave the computer no data associated with this program. Please note that before running the Uninstaller program and all of its components should be closed and should not be used by other applications.
Open installed on your computer programs by using the "start menu" and find directory Radmin. Run its Uninstaller, killing it. If necessary, at the end of the process, restart the computer.
Delete all information on the computer related to the use of this program. Go to its directory in Program Files and delete the contents of the appropriate folder. Then check "My documents" to the hidden Application Data folder in the users computer.
If your PC had been installed the "invisible" Radmin as a spyware program, enable the viewing of hidden files and directories in the folder's properties and check on your computer documents, indicating the presence of Radmin. Open the Sistem 32 folder in Windows and delete the directory r_server.exe. Remove it from the list of installed programs in control panel.
Run the registry cleaning. To do this, open it using the utilities "Run" in "start menu". Type in regedit and look for directories on the left of the record that contains Radmin. Delete them all. Download Dr Web Cure It and scan your computer for viruses and spyware. Make sure to restart the computer. Be careful with the security settings and do not trust unfamiliar people your computer.