General rules of recovery

On the day of the procedure it is not recommended to drink alcohol or smoke a lot – this affects the speed of recovery of your skin. After cleaning, you can not go to bath or sauna, Solarium and wash in hot water all it injures the skin. Be sure to use cream with protection from the sun's rays as possible and do try not to go out in the sun immediately after cleaning. Also, do not expose your delicate, just-cleansed skin, strong wind.

Facial cleaning with laser

The procedure is effective, but quite traumatic. And it's not even that the laser is dangerous to your skin. Modern medical devices do not cause any harm, but do not forget that the procedure completely removes the top layer of skin making it very sensitive and vulnerable. Be prepared for the fact that the first 2-3 days the skin will itch and peel off, also after the procedure, there is a feeling of tightness. This is perfectly normal, because the action of laser skin flap slightly reduced and regains tone.

The first three days after laser cleaning of the house is better not to go – the skin is too exposed to dirt, sunlight and pathogens. During this period, apply to face with a special antimicrobial and antibacterial agents and wash soft gels or foams. In 5-6 days from medical ointments can be dispensed with, replacing them with a moisturizer. In General, discomfort and redness after laser cleaning are kept for about a week. But the end result will surprise you.

Mechanical cleaning of the face

Of all types of mechanical cleansing is the most effective but also the most traumatic. The doctor removes comedones, dead skin cells and other imperfections of your skin with the aid of a mechanical impact by hands with the use of special tools. After the procedure the face may be redness, bruising or even microscopic wounds. To care and repair the skin, use an intense moisturizing gels or masks as well as lotions that do not contain alcohol.

Typically, the redness and spots disappear within hours if this has not happened, treat the skin gel, aloe Vera or any sedative. If after cleaning you have pimples, apply on them a drying cream concealer and make a point of the mask of cosmetic clay.