The MDI format

The MDI file format is image. The basis of the MDI is the TIFF format. In comparison with this format, MDI has more advantages, so it is used more often than TIFF. The main advantages of the MDI format can be attributed to the smaller size compared to TIFF, so they will occupy less space on the hard disk of the computer. In addition, compared with the TIFF file format, such images will have excellent quality, even if the file in TIFF format will be applied to lossless compression.

Program with which to open the MDI file

Basically, the MDI file format can be opened using the installed program Microsoft Office Document. In the case of its absence, you need to install Microsoft Office and select it for installation. With the help of the program Microsoft Office Document, the user can not only view the files in the MDI format, but to use it to scan any documents, view scanned documents, edit scanned documents, copy them, and also to perform text recognition, which is available in the scanned document. Thus it turns out that the ability of this program are virtually limitless and it can be used not only to open the MDI file format.

Another useful program is MDI Viewer. Features of this program are not as big as the Microsoft Office Document, but with its help the user can also open and view the files in the MDI format. The program's interface is quite simple, and thus it can handle even a beginner. Its main advantages is the possibility to open a file in the format: MDI, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and. MDI Viewer provides the user the ability to open a graphics file in the above format, scaling, and printing. In addition, MDI Viewer is free, and this means that anyone can easily find this software online and use it for their needs.

In the end, it turns out that to open the MDI file format can be fairly easily, using the program Microsoft Office Document or MDI Viewer.