Advice 1: Cot with a pendulum: benefit or harm?

Baby cot with a pendulum significantly ease the lives of parents. However, the argument of the ease of placing baby in bed with such a mechanism is often overshadowed by myths about the dangers of such furniture. To choose a bed with a pendulum, it is necessary to consider the peculiarity of these products.
Cot with a pendulum: benefit or harm?
Crib with pendulum mechanism – the most functional children's furniture which can be supplemented with a box for linen, descending sides. There are also convertible beds with cots, with wheels or without. And finally, furniture universal, longitudinal or transverse movement.

The obvious benefit cots with pendulum

Depending on the design of the mechanism, the cot can be pumped longitudinally or transversely. Universal solutions allow for movements transversely and longitudinally. But, as a rule, they are more expensive than other cots.

The pendulum mechanism allows you to rock the newborn in the crib and not on his hands. This method is good for those who are born to two toddler or baby heavy. However, cots with pendulums there are opponents, say that the crumbs don't need to get used to this method of stacking. This is true, but be aware that all children are different and to calculate in advance the situation with the possibility of falling asleep of the son or daughter is impossible.

The presence of the pendulum can be especially useful if the child often wakes up. In this case, there is no need to remove it from the bed so the baby slept again. Enough to shake the bed. And more physiologic solution is longitudinal cradling the newborn in the crib.

Arguments "against" pendulum mechanisms

Crib with pendulums of any type are quite expensive – their price is traditionally higher than the standard cots. Also keep in mind that furniture with a pendulum mechanism is useful only in the first months of child development. Once a baby can roll over, sit independently – there is a risk of tipping of the crib. For this mechanism there is a possibility of blocking. After blocking of the pendulum crib into a regular bed.

Opponents cots with pendulums believe that rocking the baby to sleep affects the vestibular system of the baby. However, in contrast we can say that rocking baby in this case is harmful and hands. Besides the gentle swaying is a natural condition for the crumbs, to which he was accustomed in the womb mom.

Finally, against the beds with a pendulum mechanisms are the people who co-sleep with kids. But to decide in any case, parents themselves, remembering that cot with pendulums safe. Of course, if you buy the products of well-known manufacturer, created from environmentally friendly materials.

Advice 2: Which is better: CRT pendulum or regular?

Preparing for the birth of the child, the family are trying to understand how to choose for your baby all the best and most useful. Since newborn most of the day sleeping, young mothers are taken aback by the question: what crib baby. To determine women read reviews by experienced moms, where you can see a personal opinion about what is good and what is bad.
Which is better: CRT pendulum or regular?
The modern market of goods and services is so great that the buyers sometimes get lost among the abundance. Cots are divided into several types: simple bed, with a pendulum, with longitudinal pendulum, cradle, bed-transformer, rocking. The most common steel bed-pendulums and normal cot. Each of them has certain advantages.


For mothers expecting baby under the heart, will not be opening the fact that the child for 9 months gets used to the constant shaking and rocking. He is able to relax and sleep in this environment, feeling peace and tranquility. After birth, the use of cots-the pendulum will help the newborn to adapt easily to a new place to sleep. A slight rocking allows him to still feel the comfort of intrauterine life. When the baby is a little older and learn to stand up, the mechanism of the crib should be stated, to avoid injury.

Speaking of flaws, it is worth noting at the outset that the cost of these beds is much higher. In addition, many children, getting used to falling asleep in time of sickness, being already in a more conscious age, I can't sleep alone.
Often the mother prefers to lay baby next to you, because it leaves more time for sleeping. For such mothers, there are new types of cots - mount adult bed.

A regular bed

Many of today's young parents grew up in times when you can actually buy was just a regular cot. The most important advantage can be considered its stability and overall strength of the frame. Child up to 3 years should be comfortable enough to sleep in a bed. Another advantage is the relatively low price, affordable to families with low income. Using a regular bed, a newborn gets used to fall asleep on their own, which is extremely important for its development. Of course, the first time the baby will be more difficult to adapt to the new world, but the swing is habitual to him, gradually falling by the wayside.
Better not to buy a crib through online stores, as you must personally see the future of sleeper your child in the absence of any defects in manufacturing.

Only mom like no one else knows what's best for her child. Whatever crib you choose, as long as it was made of wood, well polished and has not been lacquered. Safety is paramount, therefore, to purchase a crib after thorough inspection and getting acquainted with the documents witnessing the quality of the product.
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