You will need
  • - the money for the donation;
  • - money to pay for the services of a notary;
  • - passport of the donor and the gift recipient.
Specify whether to issue the deed of gift in your case. The amount of money that you are going to transfer to another person by written contract, must be greater than 10 times the minimum wage. For 2011 the minimum salary was 4611 roubles.
Keep in mind that if the gift is not between close relatives, then the amount received will have to pay 13% tax. In this case, the agreement is better to take orally, which is also permitted by law.
Make a donation contract. This can be done with a lawyer, and independently. You must specify the surname, name and patronymic name of the donor and the recipient, their passport data, the amount and currency of the gift, and put the signature and date presented. The contract drawn up in two copies for both parties.

The contract cannot specify any additional conditions for the beneficiary of the money. By law, such requirements are not recognized as legally binding.
The contract is valid and in written form, but for legalization it can be register at the notary. Locate nearest notary in the directory of organizations in your city or online, come in person with your passport, contract and the amount of money for the payment of a fee. Pass the notary documents. He put on the paper seal and his signature certifying the document's authenticity. In the same way you need to assure and the second copy of the contract.