First, contact the Bank and get information about each completed payment. You need to know the date of payment, amount and description (for what it was made of money). This certificate can be obtained on the same day. If the Bank refused a certificate on the same day, write a statement that the Bank will consider in a few days. In the case when you need to write the above statement, ask for a copy of your application. Official paper always plays an important role.
When data are received, make a further statement on debt restructuring, in other words – with a request for vacation credit. Be sure to describe your problem and tell them that further payments will not give up. Should not refuse and from fines. As a rule, banks with more understanding attitude to bona fide customers, even when there are similar situations.
Consult with a lawyer and make a statement to the Bank for cancellation of its permission to use the personal information Bank, as this action will stop the Bank from data collection Agency. The main thing to always remember – collect copies of all documents. Carefully read the loan agreement because some banks initially in small print write a paragraph prohibiting the withdrawal of consent on the processing and transfer of the client. If such a clause is in the contract, the above statement would not make sense. In such a situation, legal advice will be especially important.
You can find another way pay small amounts, as long as the payment was right on time. Such a "knight's move" will give the Bank an opportunity to identify you as a customer with bad credit history. If pay does not work even in small amounts, every month send to the Bank a letter, which must indicate the possible solutions of the situation. Such a move will help shape the image of the borrower is honest. This image can play a big role, if you have to sue. Inspectors of the Bank in most cases are going to meet. Refuse to negotiate with them is not necessary, as there is quite a large number of cases to negotiate with inspectors and the security service was quite fast.
Contact another Bank for refinancing of debt.