You will need
  • - application form;
  • - documents for the loan.
If you have a debt for credit one Bank, another Bank can issue you the necessary amount for repayment of the occurred debt. Please contact your chosen credit institution, fill an application form on the letterhead of the Bank. In the questionnaire indicate that you have debt in other credit organizations, the amount and also mark that they plan to obtain a new loan to repay the complete debt.
Present your passport and the second document. As the second document you can present an individual taxpayer identification number, pension insurance certificate, a driver's license. Also you need to confirm the solvency of the income statement of the unified forms 2-NDFL. If the principal amount of wages you receive in the envelope, the income statement can be represented in the form of the Bank.
Some banks require additional documents such as a certificate from the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist and proof of employment, proof of your experience. To credit they gave you is guaranteed, and his extradition may be denied in connection with an existing debt, execute a pledge agreement for valuable property. This will be an additional financial guarantor that the Bank will receive the full amount of the loan granted.
In the absence of valuable property, you may be asked to have two solvent guarantors, which is also a guarantor of the repayment of the loan.
Every application is considered by the Bank individually, so I will approve you the loan with an existing debt or not will be decided by the Bank. All the information submitted by you will be checked for accuracy, after which you will give written or oral answer about the approval of your application or rejection.
If one Bank refused a loan, contact the second, third financial institution, your application always somewhere to approve, and you will be able to repay any debts.