Makeup as a means of decoration appearance have long been known. It can be used to emphasize the most attractive features to minimize oily skin to soften disharmonically proportions of the face. The means by which they can be masking flaws, called decorative cosmetics. It can be used not only for face but for other parts of the body.

Cosmetics are designed to enhance the appearance and create an image that is most relevant in a particular moment of life. There are different styles of makeup: day, evening, wedding, "cat", etc. There are rules applying to the skin or other means, worked out an optimal sequence of actions, which allows to achieve the best result.

Types of decorative cosmetics

- cream Foundation;
- varnishes for nails and hair;
- matte or glossy shade;
- lipstick and lip gloss;
- various creams and masks.

To use any of these tools should adhere to simple rules: avoid extremes and aim for naturalness. The human desire to adorn ourselves has resulted in a whole industry producing cosmetics. Over time, well-known company specializing in the production of makeup and has earned an excellent reputation for the quality of their products.

How to use decorative cosmetics?

Before applying makeup one should clean the skin with the aid of means hygienic cosmetics and tonic or lotion. Only after this procedure, you can be sure that it will not cause blockage of the pores that lead to acne or other rashes. If there is a need, under the eyes or on entire face applied tools or anti-aging cosmeceuticals, and only then proceed to use decorative.

If the skin has slight imperfections: the scar, enlarged pores, redness or blackheads, you can apply Foundation or powder. These funds serve not only to hide defects, but also for the skin, which after application looks more attractive. The amount of cream and powder should be small, not to create the effect of "mask".

Next, proceed to the decoration of the eyes and eyebrows. Here manufacturers of decorative cosmetics offer a wide range of tools: pencils and eyeliners of various colors from black to pale-gray, mascara with sparkles and without them, the shadows of different shades and bases. For quality makeup, you will need to buy special brushes and applicators. They will help to feather eyeliner line and nicely put shadow.

The final stage is the application of blush and touch up of the lips. It is important to choose the right tone on those parts of the makeup to the character to be as natural as possible. But for special occasions acceptable use of bright and rich shades of lipstick.

There is a rule applying makeup: to put emphasis only on one thing: either on the eyes and make them more dramatic, or on the lips. Otherwise there is a risk neestesstvennoe "puppet" image. But sometimes it is appropriate. If you use cosmetics wisely, carefully choosing a color scheme its components, the result is impressive.