The grille is a double frame, inside which the crossover between the elements. The task frame is to give structural strength and a certain stiffness. Wooden lattice not only gives the gazebo an attractive appearance, thereby fulfilling a decorative function, but also can be used as a support (pergola) for climbing plants.

Manufacture grille for gazebos

Before proceeding to the construction of the lattice, it is necessary to make measurements of the opening where you plan to insert it and to prepare the bars from which the frame is made. The section bruskov should be 20х45 mm. Connecting them is best done by means of a tongue and groove connection. The corners of the frame can also be connected to "us" using the plug-in rail. To give added strength and rigidity to the corners of the frame are fixed from both sides by means of screws.

The second frame should be identical to the first. As patterns for its production necessarily use the entire kit of parts first the frame.

Once the frames are ready, the edges of the bars fills folds, consisting of rods with a cross section of 10x20 mm.
To fill the frame you will need to use strips with the same cross section.
They are located at an angle of approximately 45 degrees so that when you overlay frames on each other it turned out the diamond crossing. The end result will be perfect, if the picture of both frames will be absolutely identical.

Now we need to impose one frame to another and to connect them together using screws. Reiki they have to go in this criss-cross.

The finished design is coated with varnish, then it should be left alone until completely dry. As it dries, the frame is inserted into a dedicated opening and secured with screws.
If desired, the inside of the grille you can put a mosquito net, protecting thus from blood-sucking insects vacationing in the gazebo.

How to paint a wooden lattice

The grid for the gazebo can not only varnish, but also paint paint. It is recommended to use special paints designed for outdoor use. The wood from pollution and excellent protection acrylic latex, silicone and silicate paints. Also, they do not soften at high temperatures. Such paints do not require preliminary impregnation of the wood with antiseptic compositions. This is due to the fact that they, due to its composition, inhibit the development of harmful microorganisms.
The paint is best applied in two or three layers, and paint work carried out on warm days.

As dyes for wood grilles can be used a decorative glaze or clear varnish to keep the wood pattern, and the pigments included in the composition, give the surface different shades.