You will need
  • - statement of alimony and its copy;
  • - original and copy of identity document;
  • - payment receipt of state duty;
  • - documents - marriage certificate, divorce certificate of marriage, certificate of birth, certificate of paternity. The original and the copy;
  • - reference from the polyclinic child, that he is alive (there is a special form);
  • - certificate from the place of training, if the child is 18-21 years old and he study at school in full-time education.
Preparation of documents for litigation begins with a complaint. It should present all the circumstances in which the plaintiff is entitled to alimony, and the defendant the obligation to pay those alimony payments. The application must fill in the pattern, necessarily to prescribe a list of documents to be attached thereto.
To pay for the registration fee and make a copy of the receipt. The amount of the registration fee and the transfer details can be found in the office of the court.
To form a package of the following documents and their copies certified in the established order — a certificate of identity, certificate of birth of the child (Ren), proof of paternity of the defendant and the child, the address certificate of the plaintiff and the defendant it is desirable that certificate, marriage certificate and divorce. Also to prepare information, documents and other evidence of incurring costs for the child, etc. to denote a fixed monetary amount of alimony.
More recently, judges have begun to request help with the children's clinic. The doctor issues a certificate stating that the child is currently observed in the clinic, is alive and well.
From January 1, 2012 in Kazakhstan launched a new law which stipulates that parents must support their children until the age of 21 years if they are at the moment are the students of educational institutions, full-time tuition. Therefore, if the child is over 18 and he is learning, and need help with the training.
If the claimant is in the position according to article No. 147 of the Code the defendant is obliged to support. In this case, the court must provide a reference from female consultation about pregnancy. The court also obliged the plaintiff to pay maintenance to the mother until their child 3 years.
The court also alimony can be required to pay an additional amount for the maintenance of children in exceptional cases. This can be a serious illness and injury, expensive education. For the remission of the additional amount should to collect the necessary information and help.
Prepared documents to take to the court at the place of residence of the plaintiff or defendant.