Voyeurs around us

According to official statistics from the sexologists, the voyeurs in the world there are approximately 10%. But usually this refers to a serious form of fascination with this kind of deviant behavior, forgetting about common voyeurs. Who are these so-called household voyeurs? To check whether you are voyeur a little, answer the following question: whether you enjoyed once watching changes clothes or takes off her clothes your sexual partner? If Yes, then it is considered a form of voyeurism, though quite innocent.

Adolescent voyeurism is often characteristic of males, which is curious, look like girls. Everyone has heard stories about how boys spying on girls in the locker rooms and shower rooms. No one considers it a deviation, even though such behavior is condemned. In the modern world "live curious teen voyeur almost disappeared as it was replaced by numerous sources this kind of information on the Internet. By the way, Yes, viewing pornographic and erotic films and getting pleasure or sexual arousal from it – also a form of voyeurism.

The popularity of voyeurism is also evident in the many peep shows and strip clubs, which are many around the world. They are not bored without customers, and therefore is quite willing to pry.

Serious voyeurs

As in any sex games, voyeurism, there are serious-minded adherents. Sometimes such become chronic banal lack of a sexual partner. In other words, the single combination of voyeurism and Masturbation is quite possible to get a long-awaited satisfaction. However, among these people, very few of those who consciously prefer the traditional voyeur sex.

A serious deviation is the tendency to voyeurism when the victim has no idea that she was being watched. Even if the other person, learning about the partner's inclination for voyeurism, I agree to play this game, first I lost the desire to do something once about his secret Vice becomes known.

According to doctors, voyeurism is considered to be a problem when the sex life begins to depend on the satisfaction of the inclination to this fetish. That is, if voyeur can't peek, it will not be satisfied with the sex, whatever he is wonderful with other points of view. However, this happens infrequently. As a rule, such deviations are explained by the strong impressions received from peeping in childhood, sometimes the cause can be mental illness of a person.