Advice 1: What are the different genres in literature

In the classification of literary genres play a major role the criteria by which they are determined. Based on this, the genres are divided by gender, in content and form.
Genres in literature
Given the classification types are not mutually exclusive, but demonstrate different approaches to the definition of genres. So the same book can relate to several of them.

Classification of genres of literature in genera

In the classification of literary genres in maternity is repelled by the author's relationship to the presented text. The basis of this classification was laid down by Aristotle. According to this principle, in the literature there are four major genres: epic, lyric, dramatic and lyric-epic. Each of them has its own "subgenres".

In epic genres tells about the events that have already happened, and the author writes them according to their memories, while it is as removed from the estimates said. These include novels, novels-epics, novels, short stories, novels, fairy tales, myths, ballads, fables and epics.

The lyrical genre involves the transfer of feelings experienced by the author in the form of a literary work in verse form. This includes odes, elegies, epigrams, Epistles and stanzas.
A classic example of the stanzas of "Childe Harold" of Byron.

Lyric-epic genre in literature combines the features of epic and lyric genres. These include ballads and poems facing the plot and the author's attitude.

Dramatic genre exists at the intersection of literature and theatre. Nominally it comprises drama, Comedy and tragedy, with a list of participating characters at the beginning and the author's comments in the main text. In fact, however, it may be any piece written in the form of a dialogue.

Classification of genres of literature content

If you define works in content, they are combined into three major groups: comedies, tragedies and dramas. Tragedy and drama, respectively, about the tragic fate of the characters and on the occurrence and overcoming conflict, rather uniform. Comedies are divided into quite a few types, according to current action: parody, farce, vaudeville, situation Comedy and characters, a sketch and interlude.

Classification of genres of literature in the form of

In the classification of genres, the form is taken into account only to such formal indicators as the structure and scope of the work, regardless of their content.
Most clearly this way are classified lyrical works, in prose borders more blurred.

According to this principle, distinguish thirteen genres: epic, epic, novel, Novella, novelette, short story, skit, play, essay, essays, opus, ode and vision.

Advice 2: How to determine the genre of the text

Literary genre is a class of texts having a similar structure, content, limit variability. There are many genres of text, and you need to know their characteristics if you don't want to make the wrong choice type.
How to determine the genre of the text
In order to properly characterize the text and to relate it to a specific genre, carefully review the product. Think of it amuses you, or frustrating, conveys the feelings of the author towards his characters, or just about any event, the main character is struggling with insurmountable circumstances or with ourselves? If you will be able to understand the text, you can easily find its literary genre.
There are three ways to classify the literary genres. They are grouped according to the form, with the result that there are such types, as a play, story, novel, essay, story, ode. The play is a creation of the writer, intended for the execution of the scene, a story, a small narrative piece in prose. Roman, as a rule, differ from story its enormity. It tells about the life and development of personality of the protagonist in the crisis period. Essay – a type of story characterized by the absence of a single conflict. The novel is a prose genre, which is the volume between the novel and the short story, which tells about the vicissitudes of life of the protagonist.
If you want to determine the genre of the text in its meaning, it is necessary to know the following classification. All texts can be divided into three categories: Comedy, tragedy and drama. For Comedy characteristic humorous or satirical approach. The tragedy is based on the development of events, having, as a rule, inevitable, and lead to unpleasant consequences. The plot of the drama, usually built on the description of the life of man, his relationship and conflict with society.
Were typed the genre of a literary text can and his family. In this category emit epic, lyric and dramatic works. For typical epic narrative of the events supposedly occurred in the past, it is characterized by objectivity and impartiality. Lyrics plays subjective feelings or mood of the author. The plot of the drama built on dialogue between the characters.
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