What should be natural soap?

When choosing soap, do not rely only on the smell. Carefully study the composition.

For making natural soap using coconut, palm, castor, olive, sesame, almond, sunflower oil and cocoa butter, grapeseed. Sometimes you can meet beef or pork fat.

To give the soap hardness sometimes add beeswax.

To achieve different effects from soap it can cook in beer, milk, wine, herbal decoction. In natural soap is often added to coffee, fresh fruits and vegetables, dry milk, cocoa, chopped herbs, sea salt, seaweed.

In order to keep the soap had a pleasant fragrance and beautiful color, it adds essential oils, food flavors or dyes, cosmetic clay.

In the composition of this natural soap should be free of preservatives, fragrance, Laurila and other synthetic substances.

What are the properties of natural soap?

The natural soap safe for health. Correctly chosen, it helps to remove fatigue, improve blood circulation and lymph flow, improve the appearance.

Depending on which component is the main in Soaps, such useful properties it possesses. Based on this, you can choose the soap that best fits your needs.

If the natural products are the basic yogurt and Bay leaf, then it effectively cleanses the skin, softens it and prevents aging. This soap has antiseptic, antioxidant, tonic effect, eliminates dryness and peeling of the skin.

Soap-based extract of rice, in addition to cleansing and nourishing, fills the skin cells with energy, accelerates regeneration processes, stimulates collagen production and enhances skin lifting.

Soap with pearl powder has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties and helps the skin to recover. This soap brightens and mattifies the skin, prevents the appearance of pigment spots.

Soap made with juniper and sulfur, eliminates acne and other skin diseases, helps to fight cellulite.

Soap based on goat milk and almond deeply nourishes the skin, has a peeling action.

Soap with chamomile extract reduces irritation and inflammation, whitens skin and strengthens skin tissue.

Soap with eucalyptus oil is antiseptic and eliminates inflammation.

Soap with extracts of thyme has a strong toning and moisturizing effect, restores the skin's lost elasticity.

Beauticians do not recommend long time to use one kind of soap. For greater effect, from time to time it needs to change.