Advice 1: What happened to Maya Abrikosov after leaving the "House-2"

All fans of the popular television show "Dom-2" with relish watching the life on the project romantic and eccentric May Abrikosov. This lovely tall young man won the hearts of many female viewers with his big eyes and beautiful smile, however, after his departure from "House-2" May suddenly disappeared from the TV screens. As has been his fate after the project?
What happened to Maya Abrikosov after leaving the "House-2"

History May

The first Voronezh resident Roman Tertychnyy, or May of Apricots has come to "the House-2" in 2004. To the casting, where they recruited young and interesting people for a new controversial project, the young man looked casually with friends. By filling in the questionnaire for the sake of entertainment, the novel was signed by the name "May Abrikosov and forgot about it immediately after leaving the room where the casting. However, the unusual young man remembered and invited to participate in the project. May Abrikosov childhood knew how talented and artistic boy who grew up and became a very ambitious teenager.

His first love for the "House-2" May began to build with the Sun – a serious and unsmiling girl, loving to play the guitar. However, their relationship did not last long after that Apricots had an affair with a very flamboyant Alena Vodonaevoy that is less suited to the role of the girl creative and spiritualized guy. As it turned out, they were United by the desire to find true love, some May, and Alena saw his parents. However, their own feelings, which originated from the friendship ended fairly quickly, and May have left the project due to disagreements with the leading "House-2".

Life after the show

Get a taste of popularity, May of Apricots has not returned to Voronezh, decided to conquer Moscow. One time a guy led the program of TV3 channel called "Secrets", but the guide channel has decided to replace the melancholic May more charismatic and temperamental Alexey Chumakov.

Apricot did not give up and continued attempts to return to TV, however, life in Moscow has required considerable Finance, as a result, the guy had to return to his native village Korotiak. The arrival of "House-2" May have prevented to finish the Voronezh Academy of arts, where he could get a decent profession and a diploma.

After the return from Moscow of Apricot, for a short period I lost my father and grandmother, which greatly affected the sensitive nature of a boy. Neighbors May tell you that he in recent years became very religious, since their failures Apricots accused of... witchcraft. The guy covered his house with icons and scribbled the fence crosses to protect themselves from the negative impact of detractors.

Now May occasionally writes articles for the magazine "Dom-2", but the guy is not particularly usual, so the former star of channel TNT leads a pretty modest life, laboring seasonal collection of vegetables and breeding chickens.

Advice 2: As in Mexico, discovered the tomb of Prince Mayan

According to "RIA Novosti", the German archaeologists found the tomb of the Mayan Indians in the territory of the ancient city Ushul in Mexico. The tomb is located in the state of Campeche, near the Guatemala, near the border.
As in Mexico, discovered the tomb of Prince Mayan

The ancient Mayans at one of the several castles of his community made a ritual burial of a man holding a high position in their society. Scientists from the University of Bonn, participating in the excavations, argue that the remains belong to a Prince from the dynasty of Calakmul. This family rule the town for several hundred years.

The entire Palace complex covers an area of 130 by 120 m. It consists of more than a dozen buildings. The ensemble erected in the time of prosperity of the above authorities the names of about 650 BC. Excavations were carried out in 2011.

But in 2012, archaeologists have been able to detect lavishly decorated tomb. He built it after after the rule of the dynasty of Calakmul around 700 ad.

The room inside of the crypt is decorated with rough stones. And the funeral chambers topped by an arch of wooden columns, which are characteristic of the Mayan civilization.

In the tomb lie the remains of a young boy. He was buried with crosses at the chest with your hands. Around his body are located ceramic household items: 5 hand painted bowls and 4 dishes. The head of the mummy was covered with tiles of ceramics where with the help of ideogram were painted with the supply of information about agricultural and natural cycles, history of Mayan culture and astronomy.

On one of the vessels, the archeologists read the inscription which in translation means: "This Cup is intended for drinking Prince." But the end of the Scriptures, according to scientists, can have two meanings: "a young man" and "Prince".

Although archaeologists believe that the word "Prince" is more appropriate in meaning, but still clearly say that the tomb buried a titled person, even for no reason.

Scientists suggest that the young man was a relative of the rulers of one of the branches, but had no right to inherit the throne. Status may indicate only the location of the tombs and ornaments of jade found in it.

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