The idea of the book

Before starting to write a book, you have to imagine what it will be. To make a concept not so easy. Work may be based on personal experience, the result of activity in a particular area. For example, ideas for writing can be used history from a personal family life. In addition, the concept of the book can be entirely based on your imagination when you with zero make up stories, characters, their behavior, etc.

After getting a General idea about the topic of the forthcoming book, you need to develop it. That the concept was fully disclosed and resulted in a book, you need to constantly complicate the scenario of your story, for example, invent episodes for each character, the character of interaction between them, etc. Stick with this logic and scenarios of the book.


An important stage of writing the book is the number of characters that will be in attendance. Think about whether you want to write about the history of one person or you want to create a world inhabited by many hero. The more characters in your story, the more attention their interaction, you will have to pay. In addition, you must fully disclose the nature of his characters. Imagine yourself in their shoes and think about what makes them happy, what they fear and what they want. This will help you to understand how the characters will behave in any given situation and thus create a realistic picture of the world you created.

The structure of the book

Defining what you will write, compose the structure of the future book. Writers often leave the opportunity to bring in new twists in the plot of the book, but to write a book without any overall plan is difficult. The structure of the book can for example consist of following 4 parts:

- exposure - describes the major and minor characters works
- tie – main developments, this article explains the main essence of the conflict unfolding in the book
- climax – the peak of the event, there is disclosure of the purposes and characters,
- the denouement – resolution of the conflict and the logical conclusion of the events described in the book.

Writing the book

Having solved all of the preliminary questions determine how you will write the book. There are different methods of writing, for example, handwritten on paper, on computer, on a typewriter or even using special software that can translate voice to text. Choose the most convenient option for you, but keep in mind that the publisher of your book may present your manuscript a certain requirements.