In agreement with others

To build effective relationships with others, need to work primarily on themselves. It happens that the internal systems of a person have an extremely negative impact on the process of communication.

So you need to deal with low self-esteem, a habit of psyching yourself out and worry over nothing. It is important to be able to control their behavior and think about how you look from the side. If a suspicious person, suspicious or selfish, it can be difficult to communicate with others. The same is true of qualities such as cynicism and arrogance. They only hinder the communicative process.

To live in harmony with other people, get rid of preconceptions about how they should behave. Sometimes the cause of quarrels, tears, with loved ones and conflicts are excessive expectations. Be aware that another individual owes you nothing and can behave in accordance with their own point of view.

If you want your communication with others was productive and enjoyable, less criticize others and do not tittle-tattles. Be friendly, positive person, and then others will be attracted to you.

In harmony with yourself

For happiness, different people are missing different things in life. However, there are General principles which can be matching to achieve harmony with yourself. This condition is a prerequisite for happiness.

First of all, is more likely to listen to their inner feelings. The only way you will understand what things have you the highest value. Prioritize, you determine in which direction you should move to improve their lives.

The presence of specific goals can ease your path to finding spiritual harmony. Developing a list of tasks you need to accomplish, make sure that they match your abilities and capabilities.

Interestingly, the level of happiness depends not so much on how you approached the goal, and the fact of the factor how much you laid out for achieving life goals. That is, when you do almost everything you can to improve your life, you have a sense of contentment with yourself, and is one of the conditions of happiness.

It is therefore important not just to plan for self-development, and to act. Make every day something to improve yourself and your life. Do not delay the implementation of the plan and not be lazy. Then you will find harmony with each other.