All bodies in our world work closely together, and the larger the size, the closer they are to each other, the stronger is their mutual influence. Therefore, the Moon affects sea tides, the speed of plant growth, animal behavior and mood of people. Many prefer to plan certain events in my life, focusing on what is currently the Moon: waxing or waning. It can be defined using a special lunar calendar.

What is a lunar calendar, and how to use it

The moon makes a complete revolution around the Earth in 28 days, this period is called a lunar month. It begins in the moment when a Moon for the sky is hardly visible. Visual magnification of the visible part of the moon occurs during the 2 weeks they say that in this period the Moon is "growing". The waxing Moon is increasing day by day in size, when a night sky, we see her drive completely, there will be a full moon. After that, the visible part of the disc of the moon is once again decreased, and it becomes decreasing.

All these changes are reflected in a special lunar calendar. The lunar month consists of 28 lunar days, it is divided into 4 phases. In I and II phase of the Moon is considered to be growing or young, the rest decreasing.

Waxing Moon and its influence

If the Moon is growing, it's a time of renewal and creation. Many believe that new projects will be successful, if you start exactly on the new moon. Movement, growth, change – these are all synonyms of the growing moon. After learning of the lunar calendar, what date will the waxing Moon, you can open a new business or to start upgrading already existing business. On the growing moon are new Dating people are eager to establish contacts and ties in this period, the business relations become stronger. Be productive, and romantic: women are less critical of men perceive and see the latest the choice of only the good side.

Human health is also influenced by the waxing moon: at this time the body is configured for consumption, not for limitation. This period is favourable in any procedures aimed at restoring and strengthening the health: vitamins are better absorbed and the medication does the most good. The body is able to work with full dedication, therefore, to endure the increased physical exertion or strenuous mental activity. However, excessive strain and waste of power is also undesirable, since the immune system is at this time weaker and the resulting ailments are transferred more difficult.