Download tool three-dimensional design 3d Max from the official AutoDesk website (see Resources). The free version of 3d Max is available for 30 days. Install the program on your computer.
To create your own cars in GTA you can use the existing model of the game. You can edit them beyond recognition, to your taste, changing the color, shape, dimensions, external and internal elements.
Locate the files that store the cars. Open the directory of hard disk of your computer (usually C drive) click Program Files. Open the folder with the game GTA, the machine for which you want to create. Model of the game stored in the Models folder.
Drag any texture from the Models folder on the shortcut to the program 3d Max. All the textures have names, the corresponding make of car: Ford, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Mercedes, etc.
Create your car appearance for GTA using the tools of the software of three-dimensional modeling: the magnification (Zoom), transformation (Transform), colors (Color) and the offset (Move). These four essential tools will allow you to change the car beyond recognition. You can change the size, color and shape of rudder, spoiler and glass, tires and hood. Go ahead and get creative!
Save the results of their three-dimensional creation. To do this, select Save from the File menu us. It is advisable to save the file with a new name so that the previous car remained available in the game sessions.
Cheat codes - additional means of the addition as already developed by the creators of and created by the player objects. So the code allows you to add PANZER tank, and AIRFLY - plane. In earlier versions of the game (GTA III) objects simply fall from the sky, in modern - be in special hangars, which can be reached using the map.