Bowhead whale

на урале водятся волки

The bowhead or Arctic whale is a mammal that lives in the seas and oceans of the Northern hemisphere. The average duration of life is 40 years. However, some lucky people manage to live for more than 200 years.

Где водятся тапиры

Scientist Weeks Roselle from the scientific Institute of Alaska described in his article, bowhead whale, which, according to him, it was 211 years. Today it is known that the age was not described accurately, with errors. But in any case, this whale had been from 177 to 245 years, which is not so little.

животные обитающие в тропическом поясе

In principle, there is nothing surprising. Well maintained these whales helps ice water and stable power – sea plankton. If the animal does not become a victim of whale hunting, that can live a long and happy life.


У каких животных самая длинная беременность

The record for life expectancy among the reptiles are turtles. One such recognized long-lived turtle named Advaita. She died back in 2006-m year, at the age of from 150 to 250 years. More precisely, the age, unfortunately, can not be determined. In addition, the history of the famous tortoise by the name of Harietta, lived 175 years.


These fish are considered to be long-lived. In length they reach two to three meters. Live in marine waters off the coast of North America and Eurasia, and in the normal lakes and rivers. Two years ago the staff of the Department of natural resources (Wisconsin) was marked 125 year old sturgeon. His weight was 108 kg.

Red sea urchin

The hedgehog is another survivor of the animal Kingdom. It is the creation live in relatively shallow waters, the depth of which does not exceed 90 m. to Meet a red sea urchin can the rocky shores of the Pacific ocean. Despite its name, this animal may not always be red. The hedgehog can be as pink and black.

The urchin body is round and covered with a hard shell. There are acute 8-cm needle. It is curious that the oldest representatives of this species live up to 200 years.

How long can elephants live?

Clearly this question cannot be answered. However, elephants are considered to be long-lived among mammals. The question is, what is their life expectancy. According to some, it is 150-200 years old, but such information was never officially confirmed. It is not excluded that a certain Bishop, who lived this period of life, were included in the statistics. The official record is the life expectancy of these animals is 60 years.