Top 10 biggest dogs in the world

1. The aforementioned blue dog named George with a length of 213 cm, who became an honorary champion of the Guinness book of records.

самые мохнатые собаки топ

2. Until 1984, the tallest dog in the world was considered dog named Samhret Danzas. His height was 105.5 cm and a weight of 108 kg.

маленькая и самая большая породы собак в мире

3. In 1989, Zorba Mastiff of Icama thanks to its impressive dimensions was also included in the Guinness book of records. The weight of this dog was 155 kg.

Самые знаменитые собаки

4. The most difficult in the world is the St. Bernard named Benedictine, Jr. Schwarzwald Hof. In 5 years its weight amounted to 140.6 kg, and height - 99 cm

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5. St. Bernard, Hayden Dark blue was the heaviest dog in Britain. In 3 years, he weighed a whopping 138 lbs. But then he went on a diet. Before his death, the dog weighed 93,5 kg.

6. For the title of biggest dog in the world pretends the dog is a Turkish breed of the kangal named Cupar. While this dog is the second largest after English Mastiff. With the growth of 97 cm Cupar, weighs 112 lbs. He train hard, eat a lot of fish, meat and eggs.

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7. The largest dog breed Irish wolfhound was the Ford bridge Michael. In 2 years it reached at the withers 100,3 cm

8. Tallest dog in the world was voted 3-year-old Dane Gibson. His height is in the vertical position was 2.1 m.

9. In 2001, the Guinness book of records as the biggest hound Neapolitan Mastiff Hercules. With the growth of 96 cm, he weighed 128 lbs. the owner of the dog easier it is on 8 kg.

10. In the Stavropol region is home to another giant dog named Dozer. It weighs 113 kg.

The biggest dog breeds in the world

So, what breed of dog are the biggest:

Dog breed the great Dane. With the growth of 80 cm and their weight can reach up to 90 kg. They are very exquisite and elegant, get along well with children. Fearless dogs, loyal to his master and become excellent watchdogs.

Another breed of dog that is the largest in the world, the English Mastiff. These dogs reach the withers growth 70-76 cm and weighs 70 to 75 pounds. these dogs are quite sad eyes and several hanging cheeks, making them very sweet. Having a lot of size, they are very calm and docile. But as defenders of the Mastiff is also good, because representatives of this breed were used as guards for thousands of years.

One of the biggest breeds of dog is Central Asian shepherd dog or Alabai. Representatives are able to achieve at the shoulder 85 cm, weighing up to 85 kg. Long time alabais were guarding the assets of people and herds, but because they are excellent bodyguards. But dogs of this breed are rather difficult in education, should be given a large amount of time training them from an early age. With children they get along well, however, the need to monitor their communication.

Friendly husky St. Bernards reach growth of 90 cm with a weight of 90 kg. This is the most strong and hardy dog breed. In 1978, its representative was able to move at 4.5 m load bearing weight of 3 tons. Puppies of Saint Bernard can be quite stubborn, however, they are easily trainable. Dogs of this breed are extremely loyal to their owner. If circumstances require, they will defend the other members of the family. The St. Bernard in older age need a large space, and therefore the best place of residence for him would be a private home.