For the manufacture of whiskey in different countries are based on different varieties of grain. In Scotland whiskey made on the basis of barley, in Ireland, to add more barley and rye. In the United States and Canada, whiskey made on corn, wheat.

The production of whiskey takes place in several stages. In the first stage is the preparation of malt from grain. This stage is missing in the preparation of American whiskey.

Peeled barley is dried, then soaked for 10 days. In the result of soaking the seed germinates, germinated grain is called malt. Again the malt is dried, which in Scotland used hot smoke.

Get the smoke from burning peat or charcoal. In other countries smoke as a method of drying malt is not used. So a smoky peat flavor is a characteristic feature of Scottish whisky.

The dried malt is ground and pour hot water, leave for 8-12 hours. The result is the wort, which after cooling, yeast is added. After that within two days the process of fermentation, which maintained the temperature of about 35 degrees.

After fermentation, the drink becomes a fortress of about 5%, then it goes through a process of distillation. Braga is distilled 2-3 times. First get a liquid with alcohol content of up to 30% in the second – about 70%.

The result of the second distillation is diluted with water to achieve optimal strength. The taste of the product strongly depends on the form of the specific distillation apparatus. Therefore, the replacement of the device plays an exact copy with all faults.

The last and most important stage of making whisky is the aging. It occurs in oak barrels, where the whiskey darkens and gets additional flavor. The minimum period of aging whiskey is two to three years.

There are whiskies that require aging more than 10 years, this exclusive and collectable varieties. If you don't have the endurance, will just barley alcohol. The more time the drink in oak barrels, the more fusel oils absorb the tree.

Before bottling, the whiskey is filtered through a paper membrane, and then diluted with spring water and bottled.

Distinguish between single malt whiskey, malt and blended. Considered the most elite single malt whiskey, it is made solely from sprouted barley. Well blended whisky is a mixture of alcohols based on different grains.