The most recognizable couples of the heroes of literature and cinema

The first honorary place in the list of couples is a pair from the legendary film gone with the wind, released in 1939. The story of the outbreak of love Scarlett O'hara and Rhett Butler for a long time will remain in the memory of movie lovers.

Equally popular is the story telling about mind-blowing and killing the love of Romeo and Juliet.

A pair of Jack and rose is also mentioned in another famous cinematic and romantic story of the movie "Titanic".
This film is considered almost a classic.

Actually beautiful story of love may be found not only in Hollywood movies. Almost every holidays after the New year, people usually watch such films as "Office romance" or "Irony of fate or with light steam". Love story Novoseltseva and Mymra, Zhenia Lukashin and Nadia Sheveleva fondly remember already for several generations.

We must not forget the film with the main characters of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts - "Pretty woman." It's just a dream of many girls who come to the capital for the "easy money": that one day some rich client fall in love and everything will spin: red designer dress, wide-brimmed hat, secular parties and a restaurant with a piano.

Some more famous couples

If we consider not only couples, but also, for example, colleagues, we can recall Dr. Watson and Holmes Seloka, which once upon a time invented Arthur Conan Doyle. These General Pets are not only the heroes of literature, but also conquered the hearts of the people from the TV screens. The first film about these smart men came out in 1980.

One of the greatest kinobar - Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn who starred in the movie "Adam's Rib". This pair was one of the greatest screen couples in the world, because she starred in nine films showing different relationships on the screen.

No less famous is kinpara from the movie "Casablanca" with actors Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman. A film about war, loyalty, generosity, bravery and, of course, about love is a successful in the history of Hollywood movies. And even more experiences for the main characters, their destiny and love against the background of the tragic events will be an unforgettable spectacle.

Deserves attention and "an affair to remember", which is one of the favorite and popular romantic films in the history of the United States. Kinpara Nicky Ferrante and singer Terry McKay met on Board a magnificent ocean liner, will long remain in the hearts of the audience.
This film was the basis of scenarios many romantic paintings.

By far the most popular romantic pair of the movie is without a doubt Edward (Robert Pattinson) and Bella (Kristen Stewart) from a vampire Saga "Twilight".