Types of coffee

Currently, the Russian market in specialty coffee boutiques and online stores a wide selection of grain, green, ground, instant coffee of all kinds of different brands and different blends, roasting, packaging and varieties. All coffee, regardless of type, is made from the fruit of coffee trees are Arabica and Robusta in the ratio of 70% and 30%, respectively.

The benefits of organic coffee

Unlike ground or grain, soluble coffee (freeze dried, granulated, etc.) are easier to forge. Among the types of coffee beans fakes are extremely rare, but also are the place to be. For example, to quality added defective grains, stones and crops. On the market of instant coffee in the risk to buy a defective product, or outright forgery, as already noted, much higher.

Often instant coffee is made from cheaper Robusta beans, not Arabica. Added cereals, chicory and other substances that have a direct relationship to coffee have not. Outwardly to recognize it almost impossible. But such a product is extremely difficult to call coffee. This is one of the main disadvantages of instant coffee.
The risk to buy outright forgery among soluble types of coffee are much higher.

Organic coffee has more flavor and the bright taste compared to instant. To give soluble coffee of a similar flavor, manufacturers of the more expensive brands add natural or artificial coffee oil. Soluble coffee contains more caffeine that gives you more cheerfulness.

The advantages of instant coffee

Among the advantages of soluble coffee worth mentioning is the quickness of brewing, which largely determines its popularity. Besides the trip to brew ground coffee is much more complicated. Also the aroma of ground coffee a faster it disappears, so it is recommended to grind the beans just before the coffee break.

It is difficult to argue that natural coffee in beans or ground taste better soluble. Taste preferences of people vary, as they say, tastes differ. Many people, for example, do not like the coffee residue that remains from brewing ground coffee. However, it should be noted that the taste of the coffee beverage from organic coffee differs significantly from the instant. Drink of natural coffee is less acidic and there is practically no taste of bitterness.
The taste of the coffee beverages made of natural and instant coffee significantly different.

When choosing a coffee still needs to be guided by their own taste preferences. Natural coffee is really useful, but go at it with soluble recommended gradually.