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Currently, the assortment of coffee beans on the shelves of shops is quite wide and gradually filled up by products from new manufacturers. However, the main participants in this segment remain major brand. It is worth noting that they offer not only grain but also the instant and the ground product. The best brands are those who are able to offer relatively inexpensive, properly roasted high quality coffee.

Tips on choosing coffee beans

When choosing coffee beans, pay attention to packaging products. Experts recommend to give preference to grains, Packed in a bag. It needs to be completely sealed and made of thick opaque material. Additional valve on the packaging protect the contents from undesirable effects of oxygen.

Before buying a coffee inspect the appearance of the bean. They should be the same size and shape. An oily film and gloss indicate that all the oils responsible for flavor and taste, already separated from the grain. Most likely, this happened due to contact with air. Expected taste and aroma will not work when brewing coffee like this.

The closer the date of roasting to the date of the purchase, the better. The first 3-4 weeks after treatment the grain will give the richest flavor. In 6-7 weeks, flavor will be less intense. The use of grains is not recommended after 12 weeks of storage.

To a large extent on the taste of the drink affects the degree of roasting. To make morning coffee is good to use poorly processed grain. These "Scandinavian" roasting will give delicate and smooth taste. "Vienna" or the average degree of roasting gives the drink a sweet taste and enhances the flavour of the beans. "French" or strong treatment will give the coffee a certain bitterness. When brewed, these beans the drink is velvety and dark.

The best varieties of coffee beans

The most popular coffee – Jardin. This maker on the market coffee beans remains one of the most popular and widespread. Jardin offers a certain number of varieties of coffee beans. And they have a different fortress and varying degrees of roasting. From this it follows that to find a more suitable and best possible option for any preference.

No less popular in the market of grain coffee brand Paulig. Careful sorting of the beans, quality roasting, the wonderful aroma and taste, and most importantly – using only the best Arabica beans. These properties allow users of coffee beans Paulig to be in the top of sales. It should be noted that this manufacturer offers several varieties, including the popular premium segment.

Italian coffee Kimbo is popular. It is characterized by pronounced aroma without the bitterness and acidity, and deep delicious taste. Quality packaging, the abundance of varieties and uniform roasting beans allow you to preserve the best characteristics of coffee beans. It is thanks to these qualities, coffee Kimbo is an increasingly popular brand.

Bean coffee Gut! – one representative of the medium price class. It is made of Robusta and Arabica. To maintain the quality of coffee beans at a high enough level allows careful selection of varieties. Gut! – wide range of grades with different strength and different degrees of roasting.

Also of note is the brand "Live coffee", speaking of coffee beans. Below that is the wide range of monosort. Many of them additionally aromatizers. "Live coffee" is a very acceptable price, rich aroma and pleasant taste.

Gaggia is another representative of the Russian market of coffee beans. This brand appeared in our country relatively recently. But, due to the high quality, it is quite quickly gaining in popularity. Under the brand Gaggia are only a few varieties of coffee beans. Each of them has its special taste and aroma. It is properly roasted, carefully selected the coffee.