You will need
  • - access to the machine.
Connect your iphone to your computer using the cable that comes with the unit in the kit. The cable has a USB interface, and you can plug it into any USB port on the computer. Typically, these technologies must be connected to a personal computer consistently, as improper operation can lead to serious consequences. First connect the cable to the unit and then to a personal computer, and wait for the automatic determination system.
Open iTunes if it is not activated automatically when you connect your iphone. In the left pane of the program window there is an icon iphone click the right mouse button to bring up the menu. Select "Restore from backup" to start the recovery process. Specify a location to store the backup. If you are working in the modern operating environment of Windows 7, the path is: Users - username – AppData - Roaming - Apple Computer - MobileSync — Backup.
To create a backup copy of the data stored on the iphone using the same iTunes program. To do this, start iTunes, connect your iphone to your computer and wait until the program will identify the connected device. Then click "Sync" and the app will create a copy of files on a computer hard drive.
It is worth considering that the video files of large size (more than 2 gigabytes) are not covered in the process of synchronization and backup, respectively. Save them manually using the built-in iTunes file Manager. Try to create copies of important data, because often, viruses delete the information on your personal computer and all other devices that were connected to it.