Cream fluid: the Lite version of the usual product

Cream-fluid – a new word in cosmetic products. These funds are designed for daily skin care. Fluid completely replaces the usual cream. However, the quality of care is not affected.

The term "fluid" derived from a Latin word and means "slow". This corresponds to the consistency of the product. The cream-fluid is a non-greasy gel enriched with nutrients. Due to its light consistency means it absorbs quickly, restoring the skin soft, nourishing and moisturizing it.
Cream has more fat-based, enriched with vitamins, oils, medicinal ingredients. Its use is good for dry or normal skin. For oily and combined type are more suitable fluid.

Fluids, like the more familiar cream, are a means for daily care. Their range is now extremely broad, and many have additional useful properties. For example, most of the fluids contains sunscreen filters. Also easy way is full of special polymers that regulate the production of sebum. Because of this, your skin will remain matte.

The main features of the cream-fluid

Having a light gel texture, the creamy fluid is ideal for summer skin care. Its main task – to protect dry skin, providing long and maximum hydration. Due to its specific composition, useful elements to quickly penetrate into the interior, normalizes the water balance. The creamy fluid does not clog pores, and the polymer is perfectly degreased and control sebum secretion. Even in extreme heat the skin will look fresh and matte.
Cream-fluid can be used regardless of age. Despite the light texture, it moisturizes perfectly. And some of the tools are reflective particles that visually disguise wrinkles.

Fluid is the perfect base for makeup. You almost do not have to wait until the substance is absorbed. It is perfectly prepare the skin: smoothes it will give smoothness and opacity. Because of this, the skin will fall evenly, without streaks.

However, depending on the time of year, the pros of the cream-fluid may result in the cons. In a frost it is better not to use. The fluid is not able to protect the skin from frostbite, peeling and unpleasant redness. Hydrated skin is more averse to low temperatures, which can lead to dermatological issues. In winter, use only the night fluid, and to prefer a nourishing cream.