Which weave to choose?

Highlighting "Zebra", when on dark hair are a platinum feathers, are long gone. Now stylists advocate the naturalness and do the tinting or coloring of the strands. This method allows you to visually make your hair more lush, iridescent, shiny. To achieve maximum effect, when painting, use several shades - from dark to light. At home to repeat this procedure quite difficult, but the tinted strands in one or two colors you can own.
Home experiments with hair colouring it is better to start with staining the strands in one color.

Highlights of the house - where to start

The most important thing in a beautiful highlights - the right choice of shades. Brunettes will make an impressive dark-brown or blue-black strands. Brown hair copper color swallowtail, reddish. Rus will suit cool tones with the addition of a purple colour. Blonde "revive" platinum or bright yellow strands. Red hair bright enough without highlighting. But if you want to make the color more saturated, can make a painting with a red or bronze color.
Paint for highlighting is better to choose one or two tones darker or lighter natural hair color.

How to do highlights at home

Without specific hairdressing education, you can easily cope with the weave in one or two colors. Combined with natural shade of hair get enough textured hair. Highlights can be done in two ways. The first is the simplest - using a special cap. It needs to be put on dry hair and gently use the hook to pull strands through the holes. It is very convenient, as the number and thickness of strands can be adjusted independently.

Next is staining. First apply a lighter color then the dark. Can be covered with dye the strands in one row or alternate colors in a checkerboard pattern. The main thing is to ensure that the strands do not touch, otherwise the colors will mix. Therefore, already painted curls to gently put the cap on one side of the rows of holes - one color, on the other hand is the second. Paint shampoo, specified in the instructions. Then it has to be washed off with warm water, remove the cap and apply the balm.

The second method is home bleaching using foil. It's gonna need a mate, because to separate the strands in the occipital and parietal areas yourself very uncomfortable. Starts staining the top of the head. With the help of the hook are separated by a thin strands of hair to make the curl width three to five inches. It is enclosed by a foil and is applied to the coloring composition. This procedure is repeated over the entire head. Shades of highlighting you can alternate or do more dark or light strands. It all depends on the wishes. After some time the strips of foil are removed, the paint washed off and applied the balm.