The need to establish ties

Man is a social creature. By nature inherent, that people had friends, mentors and family. To meet this need, you need to constantly communicate and to know new people, to care, to care for the less experienced. Communication can occur at work or school, entertainment agencies, fitness centers, training seminars and so on. Through communication people learn new and better knows himself. If this need is not met, there is a risk to focus only on their interests.
Existential needs are first identified by the philosopher and sociologist Erich Fromm.

The need to overcome yourself

Animals are lazy by nature - they need to save energy to hunt or to escape from persecution. The man is devoid of such problems, but laziness is his companion. Feeling the need to overcome themselves, people strive to overcome their animal nature and become a step above. To meet this need quite easily - you need to learn how to create. Otherwise you can lose respect for their lives and destinies of other people.

The need for roots

A person needs to feel part of their family or social group. In ancient times, exile from the tribe was considered the worst punishment, because without their roots people became a nobody. People dream of a large family home, stability and security - it reminds them of childhood, when the person is most closely connected with their relatives. Frustration of needs leads to loneliness, but at the same time, too strong attachment to parents prevents the attainment of personal integrity.

The need for identity

Despite the desire to belong to a particular social group, the person feels a need for recognition of self. Identity implies that the individual has a clear understanding about itself, an assessment of the activities and a set of principles. This need makes life easier, as the man clearly knows what he wants. Conversely, copying other people's behavior can lead to depression and low self-esteem.
The need for identity was absent in earlier societies - then people are completely identified himself with his clan.

The need for a system of values

This existential need many consider the most important. Formation of system of values occurs from an early age and change throughout life. The evolving views of the person affected by the education, the experience of certain events, communicate with other people. The existence of a system of values gives meaning to life and explains the way of man throughout his existence. Without satisfaction of this need a person acts wantonly and often an impasse in life.