The class of tea "Big Red robe" refers to oolanga, therefore, in the preparation of this drink is taken as a basis rules of brewing Oolong.

Features brewing Da Hong PAO

To brew this noble drink is recommended to use filtered or spring water: regular water from the tap is not suitable because it will ruin the taste of even the finest teas. Taste and useful properties of tea directly depend on the temperature of the water used for brewing this drink. Optimum water temperature is equal to 90 o C - 93оС. In any case, for brewing of tea leaves you can't use boiling water too high temperature will destroy most of the beneficial properties of Oolong tea.

Da Hong PAO is usually brewed in porcelain, clay or glass teapot or in givane. It is desirable that the volume pot capacity was 180-200 ml (this amount of water is recommended to take 5-7 g of dry tea). Prior to brewing, the teapot or gaiwan should be well warmed up for this in the dishes rack up the hot water, and after 40-50 seconds drained it.

The process of brewing tea

Brew Big Red robe" 5-7 times. Zero tea leaves awakens and purifies it from all sorts of unwanted impurities that can get in raw materials during production and storage of tea. Perform this procedure: the dry raw material pour hot water and immediately drained the brew. This drink is not to be poured down the sink: it is used to warm the tea cups Cha Hai.

After zero welding, you should wait 2-3 minutes, during which time the tea leaves are a bit "open up". Then Da Hong PAO pour hot water, stand for 30-40 seconds and pour the drink into the Cha Hai, and thence poured the tea gently. Typically, the first infusion has a spicy aroma and a mild taste.

Time in the subsequent Straits extend for 20-30 seconds. In this case, after each brewing "Big Red robe" will appear with a new flavor and amazing taste (and there are sweet notes of vanilla, and fruity fragrance, and the fragrance of flowers, and a touch of honey). If after the next brew will seem that the drink was weak, you can try to increase the time of the next Strait for 1-2 minutes.

Undoubtedly, with this tea party energy tea Cha Qi will be pleased to envelop every cell of the body, removing stress and giving peace and tranquility.