Many parents believe that in 4 years their child is too young for any classes. This is a mistake. To postpone assistance in the development of the baby later, this is one of the most common mistakes parents. To teach a child something new, need to know that he should be able at her age. This knowledge will also help to determine whether his development age.

From the child at age 4 should be able to:

To complete his task without distraction for at least 5 minutes.

- To keep under review 5 items.

Without outside help to find the same shape and color objects.

- Stack consisting of 4 parts of the picture.

- Find differences and similarities in pictures and toys.

- Build from the designer a simple building.

- To imitate adult actions are shown in sequence.

- Stomp and clap for a given word.

From the thinking child 4 years should be able to:

- Collect without help the pyramid of the rings (7 rings).

To call General words General group of objects.

- In groups of objects to find those that do not fit on certain specified parameters.

- To look for pairs of subjects.

- To be able to pick up the opposite words.

- To solve simple logical problems.

From memory, the child in 4 years should be able to:

- To repeat for adults several different syllables in a row.

- Be able to accurately perform the task, consisting of 4 teams.

The first attempt to call the object, which vanishes from his sight.

- At the hearing to repeat for adults for 5 words in a row.

- Know a few small poems by heart.

To tell the contents of the read adult stories.

- To reproduce in memory a bright life events and recent events.

From fine motor skills a child 4 years should be able to:

Is to run small tops.

- Strung on a string of buttons and beads.

Tying the rope with thick knots.

- To be able to zip up zippers, buttons, hooks on their clothes.

To connect bitmaps, without having to take this pen from the paper.

To paint pictures within the contours.

To paint a simple picture.

- Draw lines in the desired direction and a desired size.

From the mathematical development of the child in 4 years should be able to:

- Show where in the room is one thing, but where many.

- Find items similar to geometric shapes.

- To distinguish between right and left hands, right and left, top and bottom.

- To count items.

To teach your child to count while Hiking. Descending the stairs, count the stairs, swinging on the swings, also consider. Read everywhere and everything can count. The result will not keep itself waiting long.

From speech development in a child of 4 years should be able to:

To answer questions like dog barks, cat meows, etc.

- To tell that I can do animals and people.

- Make 4 sentences about this or that toy or picture.

- To understand the words of generalization.

- To coordinate words in the nominative case, gender and number.

- To pronounce the letters, except the sonorants and sibilants.

- Answer the asked simple questions.

To develop the child's vocabulary, speech therapists suggest to spend more time reading. Also reading books before bedtime calms the kids, adjusts to sleep and is very beneficial for their development.

Part of the world a child of 4 years should be able to:

- To call their name, and names of relatives.

To know how old he is years of age, city in which he lives.

- Know the seasons and their characteristics, professions, appearances, the house in which he lives.

- To distinguish and know the taste of at least 3 vegetables and 3 fruits.

If the child knows and can do everything described above, so that its development corresponds to the age of 4 years. Parents should not dwell on it. You need to constantly strive to comprehensively develop the child. On his personal example to show that knowledge is power. As for the child, the parents are the main role model. It reads and copies their behavior. The more the parents will put force in your child at this age, the easier it will be when he goes to school.