In order to attract depositors ' funds, use advertising. This is the most standard and effective way of raising money. Advertising should be bright and memorable, and to emphasize the favorable conditions for investors. The most attractive is advertising on TV, radio, the Internet. Very effective are the presentations of Bank services to businesses and organizations by prior arrangement with their management.
One of the advertising moves that you can use in attracting deposits, is the holding of various stocks. Think of different bonuses for the holidays, for example, higher interest on deposits for some time before and after the holiday date. Every investor, joined the ranks of the Bank's clients in a specified time, you can give a small gift (a shirt with a Bank logo, a pen, notebook, hat, etc.). If funds allow, among investors allowed to pull the permit on a resort or a certificate for the purchase of household appliances.
Be sure to remember your current customers. Maybe in the future they will replenish their deposits, open new accounts, will attract your friends and relatives. Thank the major contributors and those who cooperate with the Bank for a long period of time, give a souvenir for the holiday.
Naturally, to attract customers to replenish the resource base of the Bank you can a large variety of Deposit programs. Moreover, there is a simple rule, the more – the better. The more varied are the conditions on deposits, the more chances that the customer will find the right programme as well, and hence a high probability of raising funds.
Another way of attracting deposits, withdrawals debit credit card. The bottom line is that when opening the Deposit the client receives the card, which will list the interest. In addition, the customer can use it for other calculations on your own.