To be a successful credit adviser, you must not only perfectly oriented in a private Bank, but also to know everything about your competitors. Information is your main tool. Coming to you, people should feel that they got the most reliable and competent Bank, and you – the most reliable and competent credit counselor.
Take the time to visit the departments of crediting of the population in other banks. For a visitor to ask questions, rate the level of service. After the "intelligence" estimate that was positive and negative in the work of your competitors.
Give extra attention to the interest rate, terms of payments and bonuses on the loan from your competitors. It successfully you have carried out comparative characteristics can play a crucial role in the positive decision of the client.
When you come to a new customer, be friendly, smile. Find out exactly which loan to the right person and mortgage, consumer, auto loan or credit card.
If the customer wants to make a major purchase, offer him consumer credit. Drawing on visual materials in detail tell him about all the advantages of this proposal. In comparison to similar service in another Bank.
Explain in detail what documents the client must provide to receive the loan. Pay attention to the maturity of the loan and the existing methods of payment (Bank or postal transfer, payment through ATMs, payment terminal, etc.)
It happens that the client starts to doubt: "Why should I pay more for credit? I better save money and immediately pay for your purchase without interest". Pay his attention to the fact that while it will save the price of buying is likely to rise. And, taking the credit, he gets the opportunity to have what he wants now, paying per month relatively small amount.