The most popular methods are the so-called active involvement.
These include involvement through existing customerswho are satisfied with the service in the Bank and I can recommend it to their friends. They send letters on the recommendations to its partners and contractors.
You can also search for and attract clients to the Bank through the analysis of information on media reports, identifying successful companies in the expansion stage. They usually need new employees, rental space, etc. these companies can offer a full range of banking services from cash to deposits.
You can attract customers to the Bank, participating in exhibitions, symposiums and conferences. Typically, these events attended by the first persons of the companies. All of them can be transmit the letter with the offer and offer terms and conditions.
To attract customers to the Bank by luring customers from other banks. The most effective this method is in cases when their old Bank is experiencing some problems that may affect the continuation of his work.
Does not require large resources, but has sufficient efficiency another way to attract customers to the Bank. We are talking about personalized direct mail letters of cooperation proposals to customers. In this case, much depends on the text and appearance of the letter.
You also cannot miss the opportunity to attract customers in the Bank top managers. Because of their work they formed wide connections with people who can be put at the service of the banking business.