Love Affairs

Definitely a movie not to really show almost all emotions, including love. Love arises in the picture due to proper installation, cutting staff, properly selected music as well as the ability of actors to show that feeling. After all, if even just to put opposite each other a boy and a girl and ask them to stand a while by the shooting, then using the editor you can get two completely different movie. When overlaying the romantic melodies and the right frame sequential we mean that the actors play love. If you change the audio on the fast, pumping music, and, accordingly, to change the rhythm of the frame - there is a feeling that the actors hate each other. This effect is known since the advent of silent cinema and is called "the Kuleshov effect". In fact, the boy and girl stood facing each other.

Kissing in a movie is also not real. "Without language", as they say. However, natural images often the Director asks the actors to be in this case the most real sense. Funny kissing scenes with looked in silent films, where in a fit of passion, the hero was missing his beloved, and abruptly removing it from the camera, pressed against her. This is actually a well-known theater admission stage a kiss when the object of passion "hide" from the viewer, and the kiss is on the cheek.

And, of course, in movies all the bed scenes are played "for fun". As a rule, these scenes are trying to remove at the end of the project to time, the actors used to each other.
A well-known fact that in the film "the Nymphomaniac", Shia LaBeouf, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Dafoe having sex for real, what was the idea of the Director. But such cases are rare.

Some movie stars refuse to expose her body. Especially for this there are a whole base "sex doubles". Skilled editors will present the footage so that it will seem that the actress that is the body. During the sex scenes is also widely used make-up sweat, body linen, and even different silicone lining that hides flaws and makes the body beautiful to the viewer. Usually shooting sex scenes can last a few days, before rehearsals.

Stunts and death

Of course, the actors die in movies isn't real. In the scenes of murders actively participate in make-up, properly placing the blood, as well as developers of special effects. Always a natural look, like some sort of warrior reseat bullets from his body erupt fountains of blood. In fact, under the fabric of the costume is sewn an entire system with tanks with artificial blood that burst at some point.

Among the acting fraternity, there are superstitious who never, for example, does not lie in a coffin and will be removed in the scenes after the funeral. For such cases, also use doubles.

With the development of cinema there was a need in the filming of the stunts that had to meet the actors. And even now, in the age of computer technology, where special effects are included in each film, the profession of stuntman claimed.
It was believed that the stuntman is a purely male profession, but this myth has ruined Varvara Nikitina, the first female stunt rider in the past – the master of sports.

Teach this craft in special schools. During the filming of his stunt double's makeup and never take a close-up that the viewer had the feeling that his favorite stunts alive.