The most common browsers

For a long time the most famous and popular browser was Internet Explorer, it was due to the fact that it is a standard built-in browser of Windows operating system. At the dawn of the Internet alternative simply was not the best he never was.

In 1995 he appeared with the Opera browser, which is today one of the leading positions on the market and is particularly popular in the CIS countries. Opera has a sufficiently high functionality, intuitive interface, stable speed and good security.

One of the first competitors Mozilla Firefox stands Opera, in whose favour lately expressed by many users. Mozilla innovation, speed, and security has a lot of popularity, which never ceases to grow, now it is the most common worldwide browsers.

In 2008, Google broke into the browser market with its product called Google Chrome. The basis for the creation of this browser was a free software project Chromium. Google Chrome has a very minimalist look and the same functionality, but it is very fast and stable.

Safari browser from Apple adapted in 2007 for Windows, a free application developed originally for the operating system Mac. This browser is included in the first line of the list of the best and has a lot of fans who claim that Safari is the fastest, beautiful and functional.
According to StatCounter in Russia, in September 2013, is leading in popularity the Chrome browser (38.9 percent), followed by Firefox (20,3 %), Internet Explorer (14,1 %), Opera (13.7 per cent). The top five leaders Yandex.Browser (6,2 %).

Browsers based on Chromium

Actually Chromium is completely open project, which grew into Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, CoolNovo, RockMelt, SRWare Iron, and many other famous browsers. Unlike their offspring has such functions as error reporting, statistics, administration, modules PDF Adobe Flash are also missing.

Amigo Coowon Browser – a powerful browser game for hardcore gamers, so it is positioned the creators of this app.

Comodo Dragon browser for the "maniacs" security, from Comodo a well-known manufacturer firewall and antivirus.

Unremarkable browsers: PlayFree Browse, QIP Surf Browser, Internet, Odnoklassniki, Rambler Nichrome, Chrome from Yandex, Rambler, Browser,Yandex. Browser, Orbitum, Amigo, Mozilla also developed based on Chromium.
Part of the browsers support, except online mode when the browser tries to retrieve the page from the web server, offline-mode, which allows you to view a stored copy of previously visited pages.

The Firefox based browsers

Mozilla CometBird – sibling Mozilla Firefox consume far less memory.

Pale Moon is the main feature of this browser is to support powerful processors, making possible to achieve high performance and stability.

Mozilla Flock browser-oriented social network with a great number of bookmarks on almost all existing social networks.

Mozilla SeaMonkey browser for users nostalgic for Netscape Navigator.

Comodo IceDragon is another browser from Comodo free and safe.

PirateBrowser – the first pirate browser, from the famous torrent tracker The Pirate Bay has a built-in TOR client for tunneling traffic, the FoxyProxy for proxy servers and settings for anonymous surfing.

Standalone browsers

Browzar browser for spies. Easy, fast, anonymous, all the addresses and passwords every time you have to drive again.
K-Meleon is an innovative, fast and stable browser with a unique set of macros.

Maxthon cloud browser, which includes a large set of cloud-based web browsers of the last generation.
Tor Browser Bundle package includes the Mozilla Firefox browser with a connection to a network of virtual tunnels that provides 100% privacy and very slow work.

Acoo Browser is a browser for professionals, which has in its Arsenal the HTML parser code of the page with a backlit syntax.

Also the most notable browsers that have their "features" are worth paying attention to include: BlackHawk, Dooble, Internet Surfboard, Lunascape, QupZilla, Slepnir Browser, Torch Browser.