A verbatim transcript of the abbreviation pos (from the English. "point of sales") - point of sales. Inherently POS-loans - Express loans or mini loans, if any, the representative of the Bank or the seller directly at the store.

For banks, such loans are less risky than, for example, non-earmarked cash loans or credit cards. Therefore, the percentage of "praised by" such loans is higher. According to "Expert RA" in 2012, the portfolio of unsecured loans amounted to 4.1 trillion R., what's more the mortgage portfolio of banks.

The advantages and disadvantages of POS-lending

The advantages of POS-lending:

- the ability to instantly buy any thing;

- protection from inflation and depreciation of money;

- such purchases cause less damage to the family budget because the amount is paid in parts;

- ability to obtain a loan citizens with bad credit history;

often for borrowers arranged a special promotion that allows you to buy goods for a reduced price.

Main disadvantages:

- lending rates ranged from 25 to 50%, sometimes up to 75%;
Market experts explain that under the guise of interest-free consumer credit in fact is a loan for the purchase of goods at inflated price.

- rates on POS-loans above the classic consumer loans;

- impulse purchases - likely to buy a product at a higher price than at another store;

How to make POS-credit

The decision on the credit is accepted quickly (under 30 minutes), the documents required are minimal. But it has a higher interest rate (over 30%).

The system of the loan as simple as possible.
Requirements to the borrower is extremely loyal. POS credit is given to any citizen over the age of 18. Often do not require proof of borrower's income among the requested documents only a passport.
The maximum amount of loan in most cases is small and does not exceed 50-80 thousand. these loans are Issued for a period of 3 months. up to 3 years on average - for a year.

Typically, in retail outlets have the opportunity to choose between the offers of several banks. Among banks that are active in the market of POS-lending, today presented "Alfa-Bank", "Rusfinance", "Russian Standard" OTP Bank, "home Credit".

If the borrower has the opportunity to confirm their income and provide a certificate 2-pit, it is better to not take POS-credit, and the usual consumer credit.