Someone of you will find relatives, friends or acquaintances, workers in the medical field, and it is a bit to think about the gift that he left for them a pleasant memory of you.

Gift ideas for Day of the doctor

You can find great gift options on this professional holiday of workers of doctors. Best of all, perhaps, to give the gift of medical topics. For example, you can present the sculpture in the form of a Cup, over which bent up serpents; figurines, similar to the paramedic profession bestows; a coffee mug that says "Best doctor!" or something similar; the figure of a nurse, dressed in a robe of white.

It is also possible to pick up something from the category of funny gifts. This may include: Golden stethoscope on a glass stand, the handle in the form of a syringe. Ashtray depicting light, suitable doctor, the pulmonologist, the gift of a scalpel - the surgeon, the hammer of a size XXXL to test nerves, a neurologist, a funny Bouncing of the eye or mega-large glasses are optometrist. The set of handles, relaxant, depicting a pendulum and a notebook for recipes will suit absolutely any medic.
Very good anti-stress kits, consisting of a set of chocolates, bottle of quality alcohol and packaged in a white box with a red cross CD with relaxing music.

Pleasant surprises the Day of medical worker

Also relevant gifts. This may be the book "Hippocratic Oath" - a small book, open it, and there is a mini bar on two or three bottles or just a cool bottle depicting Aesculapius.

If the medic is your close relative, e.g. mother, you can give him not only funny, but useful gifts. For women perfect any household appliances, such as cooker, microwave, pressure cooker, coffee machine, juicer, steamer, food processor, coffee grinder and other kitchen utensils.
Gift for mom, aunt or sister can be a gift certificate to a massage parlour or sauna, let him rest from the heavy and long working days.

If you got an appointment to the doctor in his professional holiday can bring some useful things-gifts – pen holder, pencil sharpener, business card holder, coffee or tea. Don't forget to congratulate the doctor verbally or attach to a gift greeting card!