Quite reasonable for all the moms a way to take a year-old baby – to go with him for a walk. If the weather is warm and Sunny, take a stroller, a bottle of water, dress the baby and take a walk in the fresh air. Take a walk in the Park, show your child the trees, flowers, clouds, dogs and cats on the street, store signs.
If the child is nervous, when it is in someone else's house, you can go to someone to visit. The baby will get used to the new faces and interior.

The walk is a very exciting experience for a one year old. Many children like to NAP in the stroller. Despite the fact that the walk in the fresh air is the best pastime for infants, you should not walk, if the outside temperature is below 15 ° C or heavy rain.

If your toddler has learned to walk, put on his shoes, maybe he's a little he will walk, run, get a bunch of new experiences, and then return home tired and satisfied.
Always dress your child for the weather, overly bundled up kid on a hot day will act up and expressing dissatisfaction.


Selection of toys for kids with its variety. Squeaking, ringing, spinning, music, glowing, such a bright and captivating child. Baby at this age understands the world through the game, he examines, feels, taste those things that surround it.

If you will methodically engage with him, to show him how to interact with a particular object, he soon will give you new skills. Do not skimp and purchase for the child of the pyramids, sorter, doll, dolls, music books, cardboard and other interesting toys. Recently bought thing guaranteed to take the baby for a while.

Get wet and have fun

Almost all kids love spending time in the water, it's their favourite pastime. You can visit with the child a children's pool to teach him to swim. In the evenings before bedtime bathe him in a warm bath. Don't forget to arm the ducks and soap bubbles.


Many kids love to listen as mom read to them at night. It is not necessary every time to acquaint the child with a new story. Select two or three stories that he most loves and understands better than anyone, and only read them at least a month. Soon the baby will begin to follow the plot, will be to pay attention to the illustrations and maybe even learn to repeat their parents separate words.