Advice 1: Recipes cheap alcoholic drinks

Home party - an excellent opportunity for tasting various cocktails. To cook them you don't have to buy rare and expensive ingredients. You can get affordable alcohol, fruit and vegetable juices, syrups and a basic set of spices. From this simple set you can prepare a real cocktail platter for every taste.
Recipes cheap alcoholic drinks

Cocktails based on vodka: simple and inexpensive

The most affordable alcohol, ideal for cocktails - vodka. For one serving you will need quite a bit. Vodka can be supplemented with juices, sparkling water, cream and other components.

Try to prepare a simple cocktail with mint and citrus.

You will need:
- 0,25 l of vodka;
- 0.5 Cup mint syrup;
- 0.5 Cup sparkling water;
- 1 orange;
- 0,5 of lemon.
Instead of syrup, you can use creme de menthe.

Squeeze the juice from the orange and half a lemon, grate the zest on a fine grater. In a shaker mix the juices with vodka and syrup. Pour the mixture into glasses, add to each a little soda water and put a few ice cubes. Serve the cocktail with a straw.

As a dessert or a digestive drink you can submit sweet coffee cocktail.

You will need:
- 1 Cup of milk;
- 1 teaspoon instant coffee;
- 1 egg;
- 3 teaspoons of sugar;
- 1 shot of vodka.

Egg RUB with sugar, add instant coffee. Boil the milk, cool slightly and add the portions in the egg mixture, constantly whisking. Let cool, and then pour in the vodka and stir. Pour the cocktail in a low thick-walled glasses, each portion can be supplemented with a small amount of finely crushed ice.

One of the simplest cocktails of freshly squeezed orange juice and vodka finds its admirers at any party.

You will need:
- 0.5 Cup of vodka;
- 0.5 Cup of orange juice.

The juice from the oranges squeeze in advance and freeze it in the refrigerator. In a blender mix the juice with vodka, pour into glasses, add ice and serve immediately.
A cocktail you can decorate with a sugar rim. Lubricate the edge of the glass with egg white, then dip it in granulated sugar. Cocktail pour carefully so as not to wash away the decor.

Easy but elegant: cocktails with brandy

For the preparation of cocktails don't need expensive cognac. Take good brandy - worthy beverages produced in many countries, from France to Armenia.

Try the unusual but delicious combination of cacao, brandy and cream. Chocolate cocktail can be served along with a Cup of espresso.

You will need:
- 1 glass of brandy;
- 3 tablespoons of sugar;
- 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder;
- 3 tablespoons of water;
- 1 Cup sparkling water;
- 2 tablespoons of sour cream.

From cocoa, water and sugar boil the syrup. Once the mixture boils, remove from the heat, cool, mix with sour cream, and then pour in the brandy and carbonated water. Whisk the mixture in a blender and pour into glasses. Separately you can apply ice cubes.

Advice 2 : How to make alcoholic cocktail

What could be nicer than to pass the evening with friends over a glass of cool and delicious alcoholic cocktail? And you don't even have to go to a bar and put a considerable amount for a drink that you can easily prepare at home. One of the classic cocktails is a Mojito. A minimum of components, minimum effort – and in your glass is the taste of Cuba itself.
How to make alcoholic cocktail
You will need
  • - a tall glass of the "headball";
  • - fresh mint;
  • - light rum;
  • - soda water, tonic;
  • lime;
  • brown sugar;
  • - ice;
  • - the straw.
Take a tall glass of the "headball". Stir into it 3 teaspoons of brown sugar. Sugar necessary it brown – its soft caramel flavor will give the finished drink the right shade.
Cut the fruit in half lime (remember to scald it with boiling water before making the cocktail). Then again, already cut half a lime into two parts. Quarters of the fruit press in a glass, and then throw the same crust.
Now add the mint. The more you take mint, the more refreshing the drink is.

Do not tear the leaves with your hands. Put them in a glass and gently mash with the pestle. Don't overdo green rags in a glass of cocktail will look not very aesthetically pleasing.
Put the ice – the smaller, the better. In a pinch it'll do the usual and cubes from the freezer. Fill the glass, which are already mint, sugar, juice and lime slices, ice, about 2/3 full. This is an important point: the components of the beverage should not float glass.
Now pour in a glass of 50-60 ml of rum. Better Cuban for authenticity. Dark rum cocktail is not suitable. For making mojitos using only the light variation of this alcoholic beverage.
Fill the glass with tonic (e.g. Schweppes), insert a straw, garnish the edge of the glass with a slice of lime. The cocktail is ready.
Useful advice
If you don't drink, you can prepare a Mojito without it. Just skip the step in which the beverage is added to the rum.

After a glass of added mint, sugar and lime, place some halved strawberries, then add ice, rum and tonic. You'll get a delicious refreshing Mojito pink with a delicate strawberry flavour and aroma. Instead of strawberries you can use any other fruits: banana, orange and the like.
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