Advice 1: Big leaf or small leaf - what kind of tea better

White, black, red... Chinese, Ceylon, English... And all this tea. The modern market offers a huge number of varieties under various trademarks and brands. But the main thing in all this variety is the tea leaf.
Big leaf or small leaf - what kind of tea better

A Bush – many varieties

The variety of teas provided by is not a great variety of the plants. The secret is in the processing of sheet directly. After Assembly, the sheets are usually dried. This is done so that they softened and lost some moisture. Then they are rolled, fermented and dried. Two final stage mainly determines whether a tea is black, green, yellow or red.
The Assembly process of tea is still produced mainly by hand to keep the leaves whole and thereby to make the drink more delicious and saturated.

Big leaf - feature to a greater extent black tea. And it is considered the best in comparison with other types. However, its quality is ensured not by the size of the sheet. And it would be better to call it zelenolistnoe. After all, in the composition of tea, which is habitually referred to as big leaf, are not the large leaves of the tea Bush. On the contrary. The difference between big leaf and small leaf tea is in the technology.

Large sheet – good quality

At the final stage of processing dry leaves are passed through sieves, and the result is a large or loose leaf tea, medium broken, and a tea dust or crumb. More often it is little used in tea bags.

Large leaf tea with whole, intact leaves, and hence the drink will be better. Of course, time for brewing this tea will need more. But the aroma and the taste will be more subtle and refined than tea powder or cut sheet. That's why most of the preference for loose leaf tea.
The main suppliers of tea to the world market are China, India and Sri Lanka. Moreover, if in India and Sri Lanka are available mainly teas sliced or in pellets, China is famous for the varieties from whole leaves.

Each leaf has its own letter

The younger the tea leaf, the closer he is to the flower or to the kidney, the better the quality of the drink he provides. For ease of marking teas and refer to the leaves in its composition, was chosen Latin letters. For those who love a good leaf teas, you need to look for on the package the letters FP (leaves, growing near the kidney), OP (one piece twisted young leaves), or P (a shorter and rough leaves). If the leaves are used chopped, to the above-mentioned letters is added B. ie seeing the package BOP, you can see that there are incised twisted young tea leaves.

The markings for fine teas can contain the letters T, S, and G. T means that there are unopened buds. G is a mixture of the best varieties, and S says about belonging to an exclusive tea.

Advice 2: What kind of tea is the best

Tea is perhaps the most popular drink. I'm sure many have wondered about what kind of tea are the best. They say that tastes differ, so to say only one thing: the best tea is not one that is brewed using tea bags. Indeed, choosing a tea, you should think not only about its taste, but also about the benefits that this drink can bring to the body.
What kind of tea is the best
The range of tea is so varied that, perhaps, no definitely will not be able to answer the question of what kind of tea is the best. Of course, it all depends on the personal preferences of the consumer, but it is necessary to talk about those varieties of tea that are considered the most sophisticated and useful. The most popular are green tea, Oolong tea, PU-erh and of course, herbal tea.
These kinds of tea have been the best for many fans, perhaps they will like you. Of course, black tea is also a great option, but you can talk and argue about it endlessly, in addition, he, perhaps, is the traditional drink for many Russians. Everything has become so accustomed to it that when you select the "best" tea little attention black tea any attention, perceiving this drink for granted.

Turquoise tea - a real gift gourmet

Today there are more than 250 varieties of turquoise tea, of course, among them everyone can find the best.
This tea is called wulong or Oolong, basically turquoise tea. This is probably one of the most delicious varieties of tea. It is a cross between green and black tea. Turquoise tea is medium-fermented and extremely fresh aroma of green tea. At the same time you can feel a pronounced floral flavor with a long, pleasant, slightly honeyed finish. Depending on your chosen varieties, the color of tea can vary from emerald to reddish or orange.
If you are already familiar with Oolong tea and you liked it, you should not stop there, because there is a special kind of tea, from which the majority of consumers absolutely love is the Milk Oolong. Perhaps this is the most delicious variation of this type of tea, because not in vain Milk tea received so much positive feedback worldwide. This variety is also called the Golden flower, and its cultivation technology is able to win the heart of even the most demanding consumer: the tea Bush is pollinated by a special solution of sugar cane, watered milk and multiroute rice husk. It is believed that because of this tea leaf has such a magical sweet and milk flavor. Impressive? So do not deny yourself the pleasure, treat yourself to a Milk Oolong.

Green tea with Jasmine - great taste and aroma

The birthplace of green tea is China. In this country it is believed that the combination of green tea and Jasmine is one of the best possible flavor variations. Indeed, this tea has an unusually fresh, clean scent. In addition, Jasmine green tea tones the body, restores energy, helps to normalize the metabolism and just gives a good mood. Of course, green tea with Jasmine deserves to get the list of the best varieties of tea.

Puer tea is the choice of true connoisseurs

Especially popular among the fans of PU-erh enjoys the variety is grown in Yunnan province. He has a particularly deep aroma and has a dark red colour.
PU-erh is a special tea. The fact that the fermentation processes in the leaves are constant, so it is called a "living" tea. Every year it changes its taste and aroma. Some fans compare this PU-erh tea with good wine, which over time becomes only better. PU-erh tea has a tart woody aroma, and long persistent taste. Tasting PU'er of different periods of exposure, you'll discover the amazing world of tea flavors and aromas.

Advice 3: What is the difference between black and green tea

There is a myth that green and black teas made from different plants, hence the difference in their appearance and taste. In fact, however, the difference lies only in the technology of processing tea leaves.
What is the difference between black and green tea

Features of tea production

Technology of production of green tea is relatively simple. The collected leaves are placed in special apparatus, with which of them to remove the moisture. After this procedure, parts of plants distributed in boxes and sent for sale. This is why green tea is more natural than black: the taste is even reminiscent of fresh brewed leaves.

To make black tea, using special rollers. First, from the leaves removes the moisture, leaving them to valitsa for a few hours, and then each sheet is rolled into the rollers. The plant tissue artificially destroyed, and in response take enzymes. After twisting the dried leaves are subjected to oxidation, in which the main component of plants – catechin is converted to terpinen, teaflavin and other complex combinations of flavonols. Thanks to this process, black tea has a characteristic hue, smell and taste for which it is valued and Amateurs, and professionals.

The benefits of green and black tea

As fermentation in the production process of green tea used in this drink contains enzymes, i.e. molecules that accelerate chemical reactions in the body. It is for this reason this drink often drink, those who want to normalize the metabolism and speed up the getting rid of excess weight. Please note: this advantage is different, not all types of green tea. In particular, in the production of fermented Oolong, but it takes a very short period of time, in contrast to the oxidation process of black tea.

For a long time it was widely believed that only green tea is a powerful antioxidant and can have a rejuvenating effect on the body. However, in reality it is not. Of course, the percentage of catechins that perform the function of antioxidants in green tea above. However, scientists managed to establish that terpinen and teaflavin not inferior to the use of catechins, therefore, their rich black tea can also be called wonderful drink-antioxidant.

In General, both therapeutic and rejuvenating properties of green and black tea is comparable, so it is difficult to say which of these drinks healthier. This means that the best option for the buyer to choose the one that like.

Advice 4: How to treat fungal angina

The causative agent of fungal sore throat is a yeast-like fungus. It begins to proliferate actively with the weakening of immunity and uncontrolled use of antibacterial drugs. Without treatment, the acute form of tonsillitis can become chronic, so it is important to diagnose the disease and to take action.
How to treat fungal angina
You will need
  • - antifungal medications;
  • - antimycotic solutions.
When the plaque and sore throat consult your doctor. Only after a laboratory analysis can make an accurate diagnosis. Treatment depends on what kind of microorganism caused the disease. Antibacterial drugs, which are prescribed in follicular or lacunar tonsillitis, fungal infections of the tonsils only hurt.
As one reason for fungal sore throat is an immune deficiency, start taking medications that increase the body's defenses. Will be useful multivitamins and medications based on interferon.
Rinse almonds antimycotic solutions. Very effective treatment of the throat nystatin dissolved in water. Crush one tablet of the drug to a fine powder and dissolve in 100 ml of warm water. Gargle the resulting liquid or moisten a cotton wool in the solution and swab treat tonsils.
Take antifungal medications based fluconazole or Itraconazole. These drugs can kill the pathogen in a matter of days.
During the disease follow the diet. In the diet in large amounts must be present protein foods, but foods high in carbohydrates it is better to limit. Also on the menu should not be spicy and salty dishes. Food and drinks should not be too hot or cold is not the best way affect the condition of inflamed tonsils.
If treatment does not help and the disease passed from the acute stage to the chronic, you need to contact Laura and discuss next steps. In some cases, without surgical intervention (amputation of the tonsils) can not do.
At the end of the treatment, it is necessary to hand over repeated analyses. No plaque in the throat is not always indicative of full recovery.

Advice 5: How to get rid of cholecystitis

Cholecystitis is inflammation of the gallbladder. For a long time this disease had been confined to older people but is now increasingly occurring in young and even in children. How to get rid of this disease?
How to get rid of cholecystitis
To help stick to a strict diet. From the diet should exclude fried and smoked foods, convenience foods, fast food type burgers, kebabs, pasties, pies, etc. are Contraindicated coffee, natural juices, store-bought sweets, spicy seasonings.
Totally unacceptable alcohol. Stick to the dishes of boiled or steamed lean meat and poultry, low-fat boiled fish, and dairy products, cereals, vegetables.
According to doctor before meals drink herbal teas that have choleretic effect. For example, fennel seeds, peppermint leaves or rose hips. Take about half a Cup, half an hour before meals. The course of treatment, usually 3 to 4 weeks.
Diet and herbal teas can significantly ease your condition, but to completely get rid of cholecystitis only if they are combined with drug therapy. Regularly take medication prescribed by your doctor.
In those cases where the gall bladder has formed stones, it is better to perform the surgery to remove them. If this is not done, the stones so increase in size that will block the bile ducts. And that's when the case may come to a complete removal of the gallbladder. So, if you are offered surgery to remove stones do not give up. Remember: by themselves, these stones disappear.
Of course, do not forget about the prevention of cholecystitis. Try to eat more or less regularly, either reversing or minimizing the consumption of "fast" food and all kinds of semi-finished products. Do not overuse heavy fatty foods, even if you really love her. If possible, avoid stress and physical inactivity.
Useful advice
The cause of cholecystitis is stagnation of bile in the gallbladder. This happens for various reasons, including hereditary as well as due to infectious diseases, stress. A huge role to play and an irregular, unhealthy diet. The fact that the bile secreted only when food intake to facilitate its digestion. When a person eats correctly (that is often not too heavily), the bile secreted from the gallbladder, not zastaivayas. Otherwise, the bile can stagnate, and will begin to form stones.
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