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Interestingly, both black and green tea is made from the same plant. The difference lies in the method of processing. However, the effect of green and black tea on the body in many aspects different, though in many respects they are similar. Black tea goes through a longer chain of processing. In the end, many nutrients are lost. This is why green tea experts consider a more healthy drink.

It is worth noting that green and black teas include a large number of bioactive substances that can have both negative and positive effects on the human body. Of course, first of all we are talking about the caffeine and theophylline. In addition, many varieties of tea are essential oils, which in the welding process do not behave in the best way.

The benefits and harms of tea

Among the useful properties of both green and black tea, you can note its tonic abilities. It effectively relieves fatigue, normalizes the nervous and digestive systems, treats blood vessels, activates the metabolism, has a positive effect on cardiac function.

Tea contains useful trace elements: calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, fluorine, copper, etc. This drink can slow the growth of malignant tumors, significantly reducing the risk of degeneration of body cells cancerous.

Tea has a positive effect on the cells, effectively slowing down their aging, thereby prolonging the life. It is worth noting that the tea leaves have the ability to give much-needed rejuvenation.

It is known that tea contains tannin, which destroys a large amount of bacteria, thereby preventing diseases such as enteritis, tonsillitis, stomatitis, and intestinal infections.

Despite the many strengths of either black or green tea, do not forget about the dangers of the drink.

Too hot tea is able to burn the internal organs of the body. Due to strong stimulation of the stomach, esophagus and throat can begin the painful changes of these organs.

Tea should be drink fresh. Otherwise, it is worth remembering that already in 20-30 minutes after brewing starts the oxidation process of aromatic components, essential oils, lipids, phenol.

If for a long time and often drink black tea, the enamel of the teeth may turn yellow. And green tea often, the enamel on teeth is destroyed.

In strong brewed tea contains large amounts of caffeine and theine, therefore, it can cause insomnia or severe headaches. In addition to this strong tea has a negative impact on the heart.